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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Uses Master Ball to Catch Shiny
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Uses Master Ball to Catch Shiny,A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player shares a funny clip of them using their one Master Ball on a shiny Forretress, taking no chances on catching it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player Uses Master Ball to Catch Shiny

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player has shared a funny video online of them using a Master Ball on a shiny Pokemon, taking no risk of missing out on the Forretress. Forretress has been around since Gen 2 of Pokemon, and sometimes goes underappreciated for newer designs. It's good to see Pokemon Scarlet and Violet include some of the franchise's overlooked Pokemon.

Shiny variants of every Pokemon are available in the games, but they are extremely uncommon, with an encounter rate of 1 in 8192. So while Forretress may not be rare, their shiny variant definitely is. It's significant due to the rarity of the Master Ball, which is only ever given out once in every game and allows the player a guaranteed 100% catch rate. They are usually used on the game's legendary Pokemon, so the player must have really wanted to capitalize on the shiny while they had the opportunity.


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The video shows the wild encounter with the shiny Forretress, which ends almost immediately when Reddit user MusicMeister_ decides to use the Master Ball to guarantee the catch will be successful. The shiny Forretress is a golden color, with the original Pokemon usually purple and red. It is one of the better shiny designs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with many fans criticizing the game for a few lazy shiny designs.

I am taking ZERO RISK! from pokemon

Many Redditors disagreed with the use of the Master Ball in this situation. Players pointed out that if they were to leave the encounter, save the game, and come back to the encounter, they would be able to cheat and reload the save if they were unable to catch the Forretress with a lesser type of Poke Ball. It's a single-player game and players are entitled to play however they'd like, however, many others feel as though this removes the stakes from these types of encounters.

Fans of the Pokemon franchise have always felt strongly about the inclusion of shinies, which have been a series staple since their introduction in Gen 2. Many Pokemon players make it an obsession to hunt for shinies, providing another layer of gameplay for players who like a challenge. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet haven't been the most well-received games in the long-running franchise, they still have their fans, and plenty of gamers who are dedicated to catching all the shinies they possibly can.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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