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The Best Midnight Suns Hangouts for Quickly Building Friendships
The Best Midnight Suns Hangouts for Quickly Building Friendships,One of the essential components of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is making friends. Here are some tips as to which activities each of the heroes enjoy.

The Best Midnight Suns Hangouts for Quickly Building Friendships

Marvel’s role-playing game, Midnight Suns, features characters from the Avengers, X-Men, Midnight Sons, and Runaways franchises. Sitting at a 7/10 on Steam and 82% on Metacritic, fans are enjoying the new title from 2K Games. Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game centering around superheroes from Marvel's roster. Gameplay consists of turn-based combat and various opportunities to converse with the heroes and explore the grounds of The Abbey, the game's main hub.


One of the more essential components of gameplay is how the player can make friends, providing in-game bonuses. Not only can elevating friendships affect combat and various skills and powers the superheroes can utilize, but it also creates charming interactions with beloved characters. Here are some pointers on how to make friends in Midnight Suns and how it can benefit gameplay.

The Difference Between Havens and Hangouts

There are two types of activities that provide players the opportunity to build friendships with Marvel characters: Havens and Hangouts. The largest difference between the two is that Havens are one-time-only use locations that are utilized during the day. By bringing a character to a Haven, your friendship will grow much faster than at a Hangout. You can only bring one character to one Haven each throughout a playthrough.

In comparison, Hangouts are events that occur at night in which the player can choose one available hero with whom to partake in an activity. Gamers can communicate with the superhero and gain points by engaging in dialogue options with the character and giving them gifts, which is also an option at the end of a Haven. It should be noted that whether partaking in a Haven or Hangout, there are activity choices that characters will love, like, or hate, with friendship XP earned accordingly.

Peter Parker Truly Is a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the more notable Marvel characters, especially in recent years with Tom Holland’s big-screen portrayal. In the game, Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, loves watching movies, painting, picnics, playing video games, watching birds, stargazing, and foraging for mushrooms. Peter Parker hates exploring the grounds, playing cards, and meditation, but likes reading, working out, lounging by the pool, fishing, and sharing a drink with the player.

Iron Man Is the Scientific Intellectual of the Group

Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, is the visionary and inventor of the Avengers team. In Midnight Suns, he's also a team player who loves playing cards and video games, lounging by the pool, having a picnic, and reading near the fire. While he likes activities like deep conversations, fishing, mushroom foraging, painting, stargazing, working out, and movies, avoid sharing a drink, meditating, or roaming the grounds, as these are tasks Stark dislikes.

Captain America Is a Purist at Heart

captain america in midnight suns

Captain America has always been a staple character in the MCU and other Marvel games. In Midnight Suns, Steve Rogers loves deep conversations, painting, playing cards, working out, and reading. He likes bird watching, meditation, having picnics, exploring the grounds, stargazing, watching movies, fishing, and mushroom picking. However, he dislikes sharing a drink, playing video games, and lounging by the pool.

Hulk Enjoys Simplistic Activities

To gain friendship points with the Hulk, spend time birdwatching or mushroom picking, as these are tasks he loves. He also likes painting and picnicking. Uniquely, unlike other characters in Midnight Suns, there are no activities disliked by the Hulk. So, while liked and loved tasks can amplify your friendship points, there are no activities that would leave your friendship level neutral.

Scarlet Witch Has an Eclectic Taste in Hobbies

MCU fans will remember Scarlet Witch as having joined the proceedings in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. In Midnight Suns, she hates video games and working out, but likes bird watching, having a drink with the player, painting, having picnics, stargazing, playing cards, watching a movie, and fishing. To get the most friendship points with Scarlet Witch, the player should choose deep conversations, reading by the fire, lounging by the pool, meditation, foraging for mushrooms, and exploring the grounds.

Captain Marvel Has Always Loved the Stars in the Sky

captain marvel in midnight suns

Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers, dislikes fishing, watching movies, and meditating in Midnight Suns. She likes bird watching, deep conversations, painting, sharing a drink, and foraging for mushrooms. Tasks Captain Marvel loves are picnicking, stargazing, reading, working out, and playing cards.

Doctor Strange Is Old-Fashioned in Most Ways

While interacting in-game with Doctor Strange, be sure to avoid video games, working out, or pool lounging, as he hates these tasks. Doctor Strange prefers fishing, sharing a drink with the player, stargazing, having a picnic, watching a movie, bird watching, painting, and playing cards. His most beloved activities, however, are deep conversations, exploring the grounds, reading, meditating, and foraging for mushrooms.

Ghost Rider Prefers More Modern Activities

In Midnight Suns, Ghost Rider hates exploring the grounds, reading, and meditating. However, he does like bird watching, sharing a drink together, stargazing, working out, deep conversations, and foraging for mushrooms. Ghost Rider loves fishing, video games, watching movies, and lounging by the pool.

Wolverine Doesn't Like to Get Too Deep When Hanging Out

Wolverine is mainly known for his association with the X-Men franchise. In Midnight Suns, he loves bird watching, fishing, sharing a drink, playing cards, lounging by the pool, foraging for mushrooms, and exploring the grounds. He likes painting, picnicking, watching movies, working out, and playing video games. However, Wolverine hates deep conversations stargazing, reading, and meditation.

Blade's Preferences Are Well-Rounded

Blade, known to many Marvel Comics fans as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D., loves fishing, having a drink, working out, and meditating. He also likes a wide variety of in-game tasks including bird-watching, painting, playing cards, video games, reading, lounging near the pool, and having a picnic. However, bear in mind that he hates deep conversations, watching movies, and stargazing.

Magik Isn't a Conversationalist or a Gamer

Magik, often associated with her work with the X-Men, is the younger sister of Colossus. She loves sharing a drink, meditating, painting, stargazing, and reading. In comparison, she likes bird watching, fishing, foraging for mushrooms, pool lounging, watching movies, having a picnic, and exploring the grounds. Be sure to avoid deep conversations, working out, and playing video games together, as Magik hates these tasks.

Midnight Suns Fleshes Out Nico Well

Nico, known for her role in the Marvel series, Runaways, is much like her mother in that she is a sorceress who can only activate her powers once her blood has been shed, giving her a dark edge. Activities she loves are deep conversations, stargazing, watching movies, lounging by the pool, and having picnics. While Nico hates fishing, working out, and video games, she likes sharing a drink with the player, playing cards, reading, painting, meditation, bird watching, and exploring the grounds.