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Beyond Blood and Honey: 5 Childhood Favorites Ready for a Horror-Movie Makeover
Beyond Blood and Honey: 5 Childhood Favorites Ready for a Horror-Movie Makeover,Childhood gems like Winnie-the-Pooh are getting their own horror platform. So, what other kids' films could get twisted into a nightmare next?

Beyond Blood and Honey: 5 Childhood Favorites Ready for a Horror-Movie Makeover

A handful of movies were once beloved child-friendly pictures before they got drenched in blood. Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey is only one example of this. Whether it be movies already available for public consumption or films in production, this PG to NSFW phenomenon is ruining childhoods one by one.

A film that's not released yet, but has been confirmed, twists the tale of a beloved honey-eating bear. Unfortunately, Winnie-the-Pooh is the next target. In a film called Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey, Pooh and his familiar companion, Piglet, go on a slasher spree. This is complete with large, intimidating figures that resemble the two innocent creatures. Allegedly, the people behind Blood and Honey aren't done yet. In fact, they've apparently had their eye on other beloved childhood figures to ruin. With more and more films and characters becoming public domain every year, there are plenty of options to choose from. Many of these stories are ripe for the pickings.


Blood and Honey Isn't the Only Kids' Movie Gone Horror

Back in 2019, The Banana Splits Movie turned a charming 1960s-era TV show into a made-for-TV horror film. The movie didn't get a good critical reception, a trait that most made-for-TV features share. Regardless, it twisted a once innocent show into a nightmare. More recently though, the kids' film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas has been turned into a slasher called The Mean One, featuring Terrifier's David Howard Thornton as the titular Grinch. These films are only setting the stage for more heinous adaptations to come.

Pinocchio Might Get Scarier

The beloved tale of Pinocchio and Geppetto has had plenty of adaptations over the years. The most recent of these is Guillermo del Toro's Netflix adaptation, Pinocchio. It's already considered to be more mature than its predecessors. This means that Pinocchio's original story is not only open to more adaptations, but it's broad enough to be interpreted differently. While it's almost impossible to predict how a screenwriter would twist this classic tale, it's always fun to speculate.

In every adaptation, Geppetto is a childless toy-maker longing to be a father. After years of trying to have children in a conventional manner, he begins to lose his hold on his high moral standing. Unbothered by the effect his actions have on others or his own character, Geppetto begins a new dark hobby. He doesn't just make toys. He kidnaps young boys and slowly turns them into wooden puppets like the titular Pinocchio. His puppets become the children he never had, and they can never leave. Whether this twisted story is better suited for a depraved crime show like Criminal Minds or an NSFW Pinocchio is up in the air.

Peter Pan's Lost Boys Are Really Lost

Peter Pan is a character that people love to readapt. From Robin Williams' Hook to the upcoming Disney film Peter Pan & Wendy, there's no shortage of trips to Neverland. But, to get more on the track of Blood and Honey, the story mustn't be a charming depiction of an innocent Peter Pan. Instead, Peter Pan should be considered more dangerous than Captain Hook himself. This switch can already be found in the TV show Once Upon a Time.

The image of a shadowy figure flying into a child’s bedroom window is understandably a parent's worst nightmare. This horrific scene fits nicely with Peter Pan's dark source material. But, unfortunately for the parents of London, this is no story as Peter Pan and his shadow are too discreet for anyone to notice. Snatching children from the safety of their beds and flying them to his private island, Peter Pan is an infamous kidnapper. Similarly to Geppetto in the twisted Pinocchio, Pan takes the kids to Neverland to keep his new friends forever. The Lost Boys are simply the first children to fall victim to the shadow.

The Little Mermaid Is an Evil Siren

Most of the backstories for popular Disney films are extremely dark. This includes Ariel and The Little Mermaid. Similar to the Disney flick, the original tale features Ariel as she longs to be a part of the human world. She falls in love with a human man and makes a deal with Ursula, the sea witch, to sacrifice her voice for love. However, the story doesn't end happily like the Disney version. The ending of the original story involves poor Ariel, heartbroken and turning into sea foam.

With that said, the tale of a red-haired mermaid is easy to twist. After her mother is tragically killed by humans, Ariel develops a strong disdain for the human race. Instead of singing innocent ballads, she uses her beautiful voice to lure human men to her oceanic territory. Once in her domain, she makes them a part of her world — at the bottom of the ocean and without oxygen. The character of Ariel is the perfect canvas for a modern siren tale.

A Goofy Movie Handles Max's Escape

The two movies following Mickey Mouse's companion, Goofy — A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie — are perfect examples of beloved '90s/Y2K era films. The nostalgia alone makes these movies untouchable for their fans. But even the most beloved, untouchable films can be taken and twisted into heinous pieces of cinema. A Goofy Movie and its sequel are no exception as briefly described in a Reddit thread.

Goofy takes his awkward son, Max on a long road trip for some classic father-son bonding time. But, during the trip, Max starts to realize that his father isn't so goofy after all; he's an extremely deranged serial killer. The end of the movie might even end in a massacre. Of course, he's unsure how to process this information. So, when it comes time for him to go off to college, he rejoices in the idea of putting distance between himself and his father. Unfortunately for him, Goofy will do whatever it takes to be with his beloved boy.

Susie the Little Blue Coupe Is a Killing Machine

Despite being the basic model for Pixar's Cars in 2006, Susie the Little Blue Coupe is a relatively unknown short film made by Walt Disney Productions back in 1952. It follows the titular Susie as she's placed in a shiny showroom on display. Unfortunately, this spotlight doesn't last long as she's tossed away into a junkyard. Even cars can be turned into killing machines, and the same could very well happen to this public-domain character. She, like the siren above, starts to despise the human race and takes vengeance.

There are plenty more stories and characters that are primed and ready for a gruesome makeover. While the legality of such horrific adaptations isn't super simple, it's definitely possible for the filmmakers of Blood and Honey to pluck any one of these films for their next target. There is no character that's safe from the PG to NSFW phenomenon.