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Dying Light 2 Video Sums Up Major Changes from This Year and What's Coming Next,A video from the Dying Light 2 franchise director talks about some of the big updates from the game's first year and future plans.

Dying Light 2 Video Sums Up Major Changes from This Year and What’s Coming Next

Dying Light 2 has uploaded a video featuring the game's franchise director, who wishes to thank the Dying Light community for its support of the series. The video recaps Dying Light 2's first year, which saw numerous major updates, a variety of interesting seasonal events, and even additional story content.

The Dying Light franchise by Techland has been a favorite among parkour and zombie-slaying gamers ever since it arrived back in 2015. The game's unique blend of smooth parkour traversal, open-world survival elements, and visceral melee combat was well-received, while the recent sequel added some spice to the formula. Dying Light 2 was released earlier in February, and despite competing with Elden Ring's highly-anticipated launch that same month, the game enjoyed a solid, if somewhat mixed, reception. In the months since then, Dying Light 2 has received steady support from Techland with all sorts of updates, events, and additions.


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Dying Light 2 franchise director Tymon Smektala spoke in a new video recap that praises the game's community and lays out some of what's in store for the game's future. Since Dying Light 2's release in February, the game has seen over 10 major updates that have added new features and content including Photo Mode and New Game Plus. Meanwhile, patches have adjusted the game balance and fixed numerous bugs. Smektala also confirmed that the studio has been working for several months on some highly-requested changes to the game such as improvements to nighttime gameplay, co-op progression, and "more impactful, brutal, varied physical combat."

New weapon types for Dying Light 2 are also on the way, and the game will be introducing some new enemies in the future as well. Smektala says that more information will be shared during Dying Light 2's first anniversary coming up on February 4. If the original Dying Light is any indication, players can expect some major DLC in the future. Just over one year after it was released, Dying Light released The Following expansion, which introduced a new map with a new story, new weapons, and a customizable buggy vehicle.

Techland has a history of supporting its games for quite some time post-release, with the original Dying Light receiving DLC 4 years after release along with further updates. Techland's commitment to its games is a good sign for Dying Light 2's future, as players can likely expect more updates and DLC for years to come.

Dying Light 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X with a Nintendo Switch version also in development.

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