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Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To The Bunker E15 Master Lost Sector
Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To The Bunker E15 Master Lost Sector,Rescue a squad of Exo frames and defeat a Hydra to earn some Exotic armor.

Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To The Bunker E15 Master Lost Sector

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  • Bunker E15: Entrance
  • Bunker E15: Cells
  • Bunker E15: Boss Arena

Lost Sectors are the best means of farming Exotic armor in Destiny 2 thanks to the addition of Legend and Master difficulty variants. Europa is one of many planets with Legendary Lost Sector variants. One Lost Sector is chosen daily to have difficulty variants. Clear it on a harder difficulty solo, and you'll have a chance of earning an Exotic armor piece.

Bunker E15 is one of the Lost Sectors that supports these new difficulty settings and is one of the easier ones to beat. With a wave of security frames by your side, clearing out this Lost Sector takes little time at all. From recommended loadouts to strategies, here is a complete guide to completing the Master version of the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Destiny 2.


Updated August 24th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Destiny 2 has seen many changes since we last wrote this guide. Subclass 3.0 conversions, more anti-Champion properties on weapons, and new Exotics have made Legendary Lost Sectors easier than ever. We've updated this guide with better formatting, new loadout recommendations, and we've made some adjustments to our recommended strategies for each room.

Bunker E15 is one of the easier Lost Sectors to complete due to the presence of friendly security frames. Here are a few key modifiers tied to this Lost Sector:

Bunker E15 Modifiers

Bunker E15 Modifiers
ChampionsBarrier and Overload
AttritionRegeneration is greatly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light.
ShockerGoblins leave pools of Radiolarian Fluid when slain
Master Difficulty
Equipment LockedYou will not be able to change your equipped loadout after this activity starts.
Match GameEnemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
Extra ChampionsThis mode contains additional Champions.
Limited RevivesLimited fireteam revives. Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Overall, Bunker E15 is the easiest Lost Sector on Europa and one of Destiny 2's easiest sectors to clear. Attrition can be troublesome if you're new to Master Lost Sectors, but using a Solar subclass or some other form of healing can counter this modifier. This Lost Sector consists of mostly Overload Champions, so bring a good Overload counter. AI units will help you during the second half of this Lost Sector, so don't get discouraged. If you can make it to the jail cells, you can beat Bunker E15.



Hunters can deal some serious damage as a Nightstalker. Ample access to invisibility lets you drop aggro from Overload Minotaurs and Captains, while Moebius Quiver serves as a powerhouse of a DPS Super. Use Omnioculus if you're underleved and Gyrfalcon's Hauberk if you want more damage.

Titans can't go wrong with Sunbreaker. Loreley Splendor gives you Restoration x2, a powerful buff that makes Attrition irrelevant. Get 100 Resilience and some good Void weapons, and you will have no trouble clearing this Lost Sector on Master.

Warlocks will breeze through Bunker E15 as a Voidwalker. Vortex Grenades with Contraverse Hold can kill stunned Champions on their own, and it works great for damaging the final boss. Spec for Devour to counter the Attrition modifier.

DeathbringerDeals absurd damage.
Le MonarqueCounters Overloads and deals great damage.
Void Scout RiflesCounters Barriers this season.
Void Machine GunsCounters Overloads this season and deal solid damage.

You only need to deal with Void shields, so focus on building for Void damage. The Void burn will make any Void weapon hit like a truck. Le Monarque is your best option for mobbing and countering Overload Champions. So long as you have a method of countering Barriers as well, you should be fine.


Bunker E15: Entrance

Entrance Enemies

  • One Overload Captain
  • Two Vandals
  • Dregs
  • Goblins
  • One Minotaur

Right as you spawn in, take out the two Vandals on the right rock perch and central container. The Overload Captain and Dregs will begin to fire on your position. Use a grenade to take down the Dregs, then stun the Overload Captain. Use your Heavy to take them down. The door to the next section will then open up.

Free the security frames stuck in the Vex cage before dealing with the four Goblins. Head downstairs with your new security frames and take down the Goblins and Minotaur below. Use the newly unlocked door to reach the second major arena.

Bunker E15: Cells

Jail Cell Enemies

  • Two Barrier Hobgoblins
  • Two Hobgoblins
  • Goblins
  • One Cyclops

Free The Prisoners

Vex soldiers are keeping Exo guards locked up in cages. Shooting the Vex cubes above each jail cell will break the cage, allowing the Exos to fight alongside you. They'll help you for the rest of the Lost Sector and can even kill the final boss for you—albeit at a snail's pace. Free them as soon as possible.

Swing right upon entering the room to find a small group of Goblins. Your Primary or a well-placed grenade should make short work of them. Beware of the Hobgoblin snipers above and beside you. You'll want to at least stun the Hobgoblins by damaging them, giving you a chance to reposition.

Among the second wave will be two Barrier Hobgoblins and a Cyclops. Destroy the Cyclops from a distance before facing the Champions. Damage the Champions alongside your security frames to force their shield to appear. Break the shield using your anti-Barrier weapon and kill the Hobgoblin. Freezing them with Stasis also works. Do the same thing to the other Hobgoblin, then escort your small army to the boss arena.

Bunker E15: Boss Arena

Boss Room Enemies

  • Four Overload Minotaurs
  • Hydra boss
  • One Wyvern
  • Goblins
  • Hobgoblins

Take note of the icy corridor that leads to the boss arena; this is by far the safest area to kill Overload Champions in and damage the boss from. Once inside the room, try to navigate to the sleeping Wyvern at the back of the room. Use your Heavy to take it down. If the security frames woke up the Vex, create some distance before fighting the Wyvern. Take down all the Vex inside to spawn the boss.

As the Hydra is spawning, run back to the icy corridor. An Overload Minotaur will spawn during this first wave that you'll need to kill. To get its attention, kill the Goblins that spawn near the corridor or shoot the Minotaur a few times. Lure it around the corner before disrupting and killing it. Now that the Champion is dead, use a long-range weapon or your Super to damage the Hydra. When it loses a third of its health, it will teleport next to the corridor and spawn a fresh set of Vex opponents alongside yet another Overload Minotaur.

Try to damage the Hydra as much as possible here to force it to teleport away. Dealing another third of its health bar should force it to leave. Consequently, this will spawn one additional Overload Champion, meaning you'll need to defeat two at once. Defeat the Champions as before, luring them to the corridor before stunning and damaging them. At the last quarter of the Hydra's health bar, one more Overload Minotaur will spawn. Kill this fourth and final Champion, defeat the Hydra, then loot the chest to complete this Lost Sector with a Platinum rating.