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Reincarnated as a Sword’s New Skill Taker Ability – And Its First Victim
Reincarnated as a Sword's New Skill Taker Ability - And Its First Victim,Fran and Teacher received a useful skill from defeating the Greater Demon, and they've put it into good use in Episode 7 of Reincarnated as a Sword.

Reincarnated as a Sword’s New Skill Taker Ability – And Its First Victim

The following contains spoilers for Reincarnated as a Sword Episode 7, "The Horrible Lieutenant of the Knights Brigade", now streaming on HIDIVE.

While other isekai main characters are given the opportunity to restart their lives as another person in a fantastical world, Reincarnated as a Sword's lead is turned into a sword. However, all hope is not lost; despite being a sentient weapon, the protagonist is given some overpowered abilities. They can gain skills and experience simply by cutting a monster's crystal, allowing them to level up exponentially. A recent dungeon dive has granted them a rather interesting ability.


Fran and Teacher have taken on a quest to close the B-level dungeon Fran discovered. Though it's technically a group raid, the teacher and disciple duo breeze past the horde of Goblins and go straight into the boss room. That's where they met the Greater Demon. It's the strongest opponent they have fought yet, but Fran and Teacher still triumph in the end. After cutting the Greater Demon's core, Teacher acquires his Skill Taker ability — and it finds its first target in Episode 7.

How Does Reincarnated as a Sword's Skill Taker Work?

The Greater Demon's unique skill, Skill Taker, allowed it to steal its target's abilities without having to kill them, and he used it against Fran during their battle. The only reason it failed to incapacitate the cat-girl is that Fran's skills were mainly from Teacher's skill-sharing ability. Now that Skill Taker is in Teacher's hands, the sword can use it however it likes. It works the same way as when the Greater Demon was using it; Teacher can summon invisible shadow hands to attack their target. Upon contact, a few of the target's skills will transfer to the character who used the attack.

The Greater Demon was able to handpick the skills it was stealing, so it's probably safe to assume Teacher and Fran can do the same. Skill Taker is also very similar to Teacher's ability to learn new skills. However, it does not require the user to kill their target. It can also be used against non-monsters and, potentially, even allies. That's exactly how the cat-girl first used it.

Who Was the Skill Taker's First Victim?

After closing the dungeon, Fran was questioned regarding the events inside. The guild master placed special attention on the Greater Demon's core, supposedly a very important material. Fran told them a half-lie, saying the crystal vanished after the Greater Demon was defeated. While the guild master believed her, another character cast his suspicion on the cat-girl. August Allsand, the vice captain of the Alessa Knights, kept trying to pin the blame on Fran by using his unique skill. His actions and boasting prompted Teacher to appraise him.

Indeed, the knight has a unique skill called Essence of Falsehood, which allows the user to detect when others are lying — while also allowing them to get away with their own lies. This is how Allsand was trying to make the guild master believe in Fran's supposed crimes. The master, however, was no pushover, holding his ground even against Allsand's power-tripping. Seeing how chaotic the situation had become, Fran offered to give Allsand some of her looted Goblin horns, but the knight was disgusted by the mere sight of it and brushed it off her hands. Fran became rightfully furious and wanted to murder the knight, but Teacher stopped her.

The sword told Fran they could steal his unique skill instead, so Fran and Teacher simultaneously used Skill Taker on Allsand, allowing them to acquire both Essence of Falsehood and Court Etiquette. With the latter skill stolen from him, Allsand's demeanor became that of the lowest dregs. He lost all decency and sense of hygiene, turning him into the town's laughingstock. When he confronted Fran about it, the cat-girl used his own skill to toy with him. Clearly she was a natural at it, leaving fans to wonder who else will she be using Skill Taker on in Reincarnated as a Sword.