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DC’s New Superman Journey Could Help an Important Injustice Hero Heal
DC's New Superman Journey Could Help an Important Injustice Hero Heal,DC's upcoming Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent will revisit the world of Injustice and give a Batman Family member a chance at redemption.

DC’s New Superman Journey Could Help an Important Injustice Hero Heal

Fans of the Injustice Universe have been ecstatic upon hearing that this grim reality will be revisited by Tom Taylor, the person who wrote the tie-in comics for both video games. It'll take place via a crossover, starting with the Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent (by Tom Taylor and Clayton Henry). In this event, Jon will be traveling to the Injustice reality, where he's poised to meet the dimension's warped Superman.

Admittedly, it's an enticing prospect, and part of a larger tapestry as Jon continues his feud with Ultraman, who's killing other Men of Steel. But while many are excitedly awaiting Jon and Dark Superman chatting over ideologies, Jon's presence there could actually heal a hero who fell by the wayside — Damian Wayne.


Injustice's Damian Wayne Lost His Way

Damian was a hero, up until he realized Superman's fascist regime would bring about order. He related to how Kal-El felt, losing Lois and his unborn baby to Joker, which is why Damian, as Robin, left the Bat-family. It resulted in a fight where he accidentally killed Nightwing, which led to Batman no longer seeing him as his altruistic son. Still, Damian had heroic moments, even questioning Superman at times after taking on the Nightwing mantle.

However, he stuck to Kal's vision, viewing him as a mentor and replacement father. This provides an opportunity for Jon to meet Damian, remixing the Super Sons bond they share in the main DCU where they're best friends. Jon seeing his brother-in-arms so lost, along with his broken dad, opens the door for him to have an emotional conversation, telling Damian what his younger counterpart endured in his world.

DC's New Superman Can Give Damian Wayne Hope

Jon's Damian has walked a similar path, he murdered people and sullied the Boy Wonder mantle. However, Damian came back to the light, something that Jon had a hand in. If he relays this to the "evil" Damian, it could help him realize there's still hope and that second chances do exist. Jon questioning the dark Kal-El would feel organic in helping Damian's moral compass resurface. The Injustice and Masters of the Universe crossover had Damian as Batman seeking to atone for his actions, so if this continuity is kept, the seeds for redemption could actually have been planted by Jon.

Jon knows the value of Bruce's vision, so ultimately, he could remind Damian that his dad always prioritizes justice and that no hero, not even Superman, is above the law. This way, Taylor could create a consistent story, sync Jon up to all the Injustice arcs, and explain why Damian had a change of heart as he grew older. It would also add more depth to their brotherly bond, in this case proving it exists across space and time, helping Damian heal in a massive way after losing so many loved ones.