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Anas Sarwar says Scottish Labour is ‘passionately pro-business’
Anas Sarwar says Scottish Labour is 'passionately pro-business',The Scottish Labour leader visited the Barrowlands in Glasgow to call for more support for businesses in the nighttime economy.

Anas Sarwar says Scottish Labour is ‘passionately pro-business’

Anas Sarwar has said Scottish Labour is both "pro-worker and pro-business" on a visit to the famous Barrowlands market today.

The party leader was in the east end of Glasgow to make a call for more support for Scotland's nighttime economy and tourism sector.

And he claimed SNP ministers currently only want to "sell Scotland to the Scots".

"We all know Scotland is an amazing place, we all know Scotland is absolutely brimming with talent, we all know Scotland can export that talent to other parts of the world," he said.

"I’m more interested in selling the great parts of Scotland to other parts of the world.

"I want people to come to Scotland, visit Scotland… spend money in Scotland, come and watch shows in Scotland, I want the great talents of Scotland to go out to other parts of the world and demonstrate that Scottish talent – I want us to be that cultural superpower."

He said part of making Scotland a more attractive destination comes from supporting the night-time industries, calling on the Scottish Government to make business rates “fairer” for smaller firms and drop the “shambolic” deposit return scheme that has come under fire this week.

He also called for support packages for town centres to encourage more people back into the high street.

Sarwar has in recent weeks pushed his party as being “pro-business, pro-growth”, in a conscious pitch to voters worried about the economy.

When asked how that sits alongside the party’s historic support for workers’ rights, he said: "I’m passionately pro-worker, but I’m passionately pro-business.

"Labour will always be viewed as a social policy-led political party, political organisation, rightly.

"But the point I’m making is you can only achieve those social policy goals if it’s backed up with a strong, growing economy, so we can increase the tax base and use that growing economy in order to invest in our National Health Service, invest in our education system, invest and reinvigorate our wider public services."

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