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Gotham Knights Synopsis May Tease a Major Teen Titans Live-Action Debut
Gotham Knights Synopsis May Tease a Major Teen Titans Live-Action Debut,The CW's Gotham Knights series teases the first live-action appearance of a notable Teen Titans anti-hero in its next Season 1 episode.

Gotham Knights Synopsis May Tease a Major Teen Titans Live-Action Debut

Gotham Knights looks set to unveil a major Teen Titans live-action debut during its next Season 1 episode.

The CW dropped the official synopsis for Season 1, Episode 4, "Of Butchers and Betrayals," featuring the tagline, "'X' Marks the Spot," which may hint at a debut live-action appearance for Teen Titans' Red X during the episode. According to the synopsis, "After discovering some potential leads in their investigation, Turner (Oscar Morgan) and Harper (Fallon Smythe) investigate a possible connection between Bruce Wayne’s death and the mysterious death of a lawyer."


"Of Butchers and Betrayals" will also see Navia Robinson's Carrie and Olivia Rose Keegan's Duela go to a nursing home to question Eunice, played by X-Files star Veronica Cartwright. Furthermore, Stephanie (Anna Lore) opens up to Cullen (Tyler DiChiara) about her life at home while at the Belfry while Misha Collins' Harvey Dent "makes an unsettling discovery." The upcoming episode is directed by Geoff Shotz, who previously helmed episodes of The Vampire Diaries.

Who is Red X?

Red X is an anti-hero, acrobat and martial arts fighter employed by Robin. Initially, Red X was a villainous cover identity created by Robin in an attempt to track down Slade. However, Robin's identity was later exposed, with Slade escaping and Robin deciding to ditch the Red X suit for good. A new Red X soon appeared after an unknown culprit captured the suit and used it for financial gain, leading to an eventual confrontation with the Teen Titans. However, Red X would soon align with the titular group, saving Robin from the supervillain Professor Chang and squaring off against the Brotherhood of Evil in a final confrontation. Red X's true identity was never revealed.

Red X first appeared in the Teen Titans animated series before featuring in Teen Titans Go!. The character was later adapted into various comics including Future State: Teen Titans #1 and Teen Titans Academy #1. An appearance from Red X in Gotham Knights could be an added layer in the mystery of who killed Bruce Wayne, with Bruce's adopted son Turner currently the main suspect as Harvey Dent looks deeper into the case.

Gotham Knights premiered on March 14 to largely negative reviews, though the response from viewers has been more favorable. Collins has promised Batman Easter eggs in every Season 1 episode as the series ramps up the intrigue. The show chronicles the Batman family and Turner's alliance with the children of Bruce Wayne's enemies as they try to clear their names of the Dark Knight's murder.

The next episode of Gotham Knights, "Scene of the Crime," premieres at 9 p.m. ET on March 21. "Of Butchers and Betrayals" airs on April 4 in the same time slot.

Source: The CW