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10 Anime Characters Written To Be Smart (But Aren’t)
10 Anime Characters Written To Be Smart (But Aren't),Just because these anime characters look and act smart doesn't mean they are.

10 Anime Characters Written To Be Smart (But Aren’t)

In every anime, there will always need to be a character that is written to be on the smarter side, such as Senku from Dr. Stone, Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom, and Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. While those characters are as smart as can be, there are also those who only appear intelligent.

There are many characters who are smart in some areas and not in others, but there are some that have their skill overtake their knowledge and sensibility, making them only wise in some situations. However, wisdom doesn't equal intelligence and how it is used doesn't make a person smart.



Dr. Stone

As a member of his village, Chrome from Dr. Stone is one of the first people to join Senku's Kingdom of Science. While he has been of use to Senku in collecting a wide variety of materials that could be used for inventions, he only has limited knowledge of what they could do and usually only follows Senku's instructions.

Chrome also keeps forgetting that the items he helps make have already been made before and that most of the ideas he comes up with Senku has plans to remake. Even when Chrome tries to scare others with the science he does know, most he uses it against are unfazed because they've already witnessed it during their time.

Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail

In Fairy Tail, one of Erza's qualities is in tense situations and fights, she knows what to do and is one of the top fighters. However, when it comes to something beyond battle or fighting, her personality is far from wise.

There is a portion of her missions in which Erza will claim them purely to get a chance at stardom or join in Team Natsu's crazy antics. There are also times when she doesn't understand situations that she should since she's experienced as an S-ranked mage.

Kyoko Hori


From the start, Hori is written to be one of the smartest kids at her school as she had good grades and even would help the student council with their work. However, when she is with her friends or Miyamura, she seems to forget that she can do all those things or loses her social skills. That, or she becomes focused on hiding that she can be a homemaker.

While Hori is very popular, she seems to lose all social skills at random times that cause issues for others or herself, such as when she couldn't tell Miyamura didn't like horror movies. She never really shows that she is smart beyond a few assignments or the first few episodes.

Tony Tony Chopper

One Piece

Even though he is the Straw Hat Crew's doctor, Chopper will fall for everyone's tales. Especially his crewmate, Usopp, tales. While he is helpful in treating injuries or sicknesses, such as on Punk Hazzard when he helped the kids, it is hard to keep him around other characters that would use his gullibility against him or the crew.

While he is smart, part of his naivety is probably from him being a reindeer who was ostracized by others while he was on Drum Island. He also constantly asks others what to do in fights unless he is alone when he makes decisions based on his strengths.

Loid Forger

Spy X Family

As a talented spy well-known in the underworld as Twilight, Loid is a smart man with many resources at his disposal to find information on the people around him. However, the information he gained on Yor and Anya was extremely lacking, specifically in leaving out the fact that Yor is an assassin and more specific information on Anya's origins.

While he was able to deduce within a few minutes that Yor's brother, Yuri, worked for the State Security Service, he wasn't able to tell in any way that Yor worked for another agency as an assassin. He is also never clued in on Anya's actions associating with his thoughts as if by some miracle.


Bofuri: I Don't Want To Get Hurt, So I Maxed Out My Defense

As one of the top players in New World Online, it is no doubt Frederica is smart. She makes plans and casts spells for herself and many others helping the number one player of the game advance to where he is, but can never seem to beat Sally in a fight.

With every new level that comes out on the online game the show is set in, Frederica challenges Sally to a fight, claiming she has a plan to beat Sally. She never considers that Sally is getting new skills as well and not leaving room to get around the new skills and the same goes for others she fights with or against.

Sakura Haruno


Though book smart, it is evident that Sakura isn't as wise in the realities of the world, especially at the beginning of the Naruto series. Most of the information that she attained is from her studies making her more book-smart until later in life, despite Kakashi saying she was skilled in genjustu.

Sakura keeps trying to catch up to the other members of Team 7 but doesn't until they are young adults all because she chose to study over training her skills. If she had trained and studied, however, her skills could have been of more use earlier in the series, making things less difficult for everyone later on.

Izuku Midoriya

My Hero Academia

Izuku was written as someone who studied the fighting style of all the heroes he could watch in an attempt to find a way to become a pro hero like his idol, All Might. While he got the power he needed to become the hero he wanted to be, Izuku seemingly keeps forgetting ways he can better his fighting skills.

When Izuku is told to no longer use his arms for fighting, he is lost on what to do until he watched his friend, Iida, fight with his legs. Despite being written as one of the top five students in his class academically, he doesn't think about how to be a hero beyond trying to be like All Might.


Promised Neverland

While being one of the model students at the "orphanage" having perfect grades and an avid keenness for reading, Ray's temper and manipulative nature take away from his intellect. Because he knew of the situation he and his family was in, he didn't seem to pay attention, or care, about their plans for an escape attempt, let alone aid in the plans that were made.

Ray consistently disregards Emma's ideas as silly games, never actually considering that she is considered a model student also. This is all because he could remember the world outside the orphanage and hated that his family was being sent out to die.


Seven Deadly Sins

As the Goat sin of Lust, Gowther is able to go inside other's memories and use said memories against his opponents, not to mention his long life, he is one of the wisest members of the Seven Deadly Sins. However, despite his knowledge of the mind, he keeps choosing manipulation and memory erasure to solve immediate problems.

Gowther also mind-controls Guila later to make her love him, so he could understand the feeling of love. He keeps causing problems unnecessary to the situation beyond the erasure of his own memories and emotions until they are released back to him.

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