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Watch PS VR2’s Very Accurate Finger Tracking In Action
Watch PS VR2's Very Accurate Finger Tracking In Action,A clip of someone using the new PS VR2 headset has demonstrated just how impressively accurate its finger tracking is.

Watch PS VR2’s Very Accurate Finger Tracking In Action

PlayStation finally confirmed the PS VR2 really will be here before the end of February 2023 should all go to plan. As that date nears, more of its features are being revealed, including a closer look at what appears to be incredible finger-tracking technology.

While it's assumed the headset will be next level when compared to the PS VR in every single way, one of the biggest differences will be the next-gen VR's ability to track a user's individual finger movements. Shared by Shayon on Twitter (thanks, Push Square), a short clip shows someone wearing the PS VR2 and playing what looks like Horizon: Call Of The Mountain. They are sat in a boat moving down a river in the game, taking a moment to lean over the side and touch the water.


It's all very cool, but the biggest takeaway is the user demonstrating just how advanced and responsive the finger-tracking technology is. While holding their hands in front of their face, prompting their in-game self to do the same, the player points, waggles all of their fingers, and then makes fists with them. As the player does all of that, the PS VR2's finger-tracking technology allows for all of those movements to be replicated in the game in real time.

The finger tracking is just one of the ways in which the PS VR2 will be a massive leap forward from PlayStation's original headset. Games will also be able to track your eye movement, potentially allowing you to change your loadout or the weapon you're using simply by looking at a particular area on the screen. The headset is going to cost you though, retailing for more than the PS5 which you'll also need to play its games.

Speaking of its games, the promise that the headset will launch with at least 20 titles gets closer and closer to being fulfilled as February nears. It also seems some won't be quite as pricey as regular PS5 titles, which makes sense considering VR games tend to be considerably shorter. While some will cost £60 at launch, prices will be on a sliding scale that will start at just £17.