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Magic: The Gathering – Who Is Saheeli?
Magic: The Gathering – Who Is Saheeli?,Saheeli is a powerful inventor and Planeswalker - here is her story.

Magic: The Gathering – Who Is Saheeli?

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Saheeli is one of the many Planeswalkers from Magic: The Gathering. She was introduced on the Kaladesh set, named after the Plane of the same name, which also happens to be her birthplace. Saheeli is especially attuned with artifacts and is a gifted creator of them, able to mold artifact creatures out of metal with just a description.

Saheeli is compassionate with a love of competition. A studious inventor, Saheeli's prowess with artifacts allows her to have limitless access to creating constructs, which she can control with ease. Saheeli is also a key player in stopping the New Phyrexian invasion on the various planes of the Multiverse.


Aether Revolt

Inventors' Fair by Jonas De Ro

Not much is known about Saheeli's younger years, including how her Planeswalker spark ignited. She was born on the Plane Kaladesh and is aligned with blue and red mana. A gifted inventor, Saheeli partook in the Inventors' Fair in the Ghirapur of Kaladesh, a special event where inventors of the Plane showed off their works in a month-long celebration and competition.

Among the competitors was Saheeli's friend Rashmi, an elf druid who created a planar portal, which could allow non-Planeswalkers to travel between Planes. This invention would win the competition, as decided by the head judge Tezzeret, another Planeswalker who was working under Nicol Bolas – who himself was seeking to rule over the Multiverse. Tezzeret stole many of the artifacts at the Inventors' Fair while kidnapping some of the entrants, including Rashmi herself.

Planar Bridge by Chase Stone

Saheeli joins up with the Renegades, a group on Kaladesh seeking to overthrow the plane's corrupt government body, the Consulate. The Gatewatch, a group of Planeswalkers vowing to protect the Multiverse, shows up as well in a team up to stop Tezzeret and the Consulate.

Saheeli and Liliana, a member of the Gatewatch, break into the Aether Spire after discovering Tezzeret is hiding there. They succeed in breaking in but fail to reach Tezzeret – though they do manage to save Rashmi from him. However, this is not before Rashmi's invention is transformed into the Planar Bridge, which is eventually made a part of his body.

Saheeli creates the Hope Of Ghirapur, a thopter meant to destroy the Planar Bridge before Tezzeret could use it for his devious deeds. It is sabotaged by the Planeswalker Dovin Baan, who had been working under Tezzeret, but Saheeli managed to manipulate it to allow Gatewatch members Chandra and Gideon to drive it into the Planar Bridge.

They succeed in destroying the Planar Bridge, but Tezzeret manages to keep the core of it before Planeswalking away. Chandra offers Saheeli a spot in the Gatewatch, but she declines in favor of helping Kaladesh rebuild itself after the Aether Revolt succeeds in taking down the Consulate.

War Of The Spark

Saheeli, the Gifted by Ryan Pancoast

Like many Planeswalkers, Saheeli was lured into Ravnica due to the use of the Interplanar Beacon, which called out to Planeswalkers and created an urge to travel there. Once there, she and the other Planeswalkers were trapped by the Immortal Sun, an artifact that could shut down the ability to Planeswalk.

Saheeli was a part of a team that included Chandra, Lavinia (the Guildmaster of the Azorius Senate), and Lazav (the Guildmaster of House Dimir). Together, their goal was to disable the Immortal Sun. They are attacked by Dovin Baan, who ends up blinded and defeated by Lazav. The team succeeds in disabling the Immortal Sun, allowing Planeswalkers to leave Ravnica. Dovin Baan takes advantage of the chaos and retreats.

While many Planeswalkers fled Ravnica once they could, Saheeli chose to stay behind to aid in the final fight against Nicol Bolas. Saheeli kept watch over the Immortal Sun while the others fought Bolas directly. She is notably absent from the Planewide celebration that occurred after their victory, as Lazav disguises himself as Saheeli in her place.

Meeting Huatli

Huatli, the Sun's Heart by Lius Lasahido

Huatli is a Planeswalker from Ixalan. Her spark ignited during a confrontation with fellow Planeswalker Angrath. After the events of Ixalan, Huatli's family encouraged her to explore the Multiverse, and after saying goodbye, Huatli committed to her first full Planeswalk.

This lands her in Kaladesh, where Saheeli discovers her. The two girls share their experiences with each other, and Huati tells her about dinosaurs, a creature absent from Kaladesh. This excites Saheeli, who wants to build a construct of one. The time they share is brief before saying goodbyes.

Later, on Ravnica, the two send notes to each other without knowing each other's identities. They meet briefly while Huatli was on the way to meet whoever had been sending her messages, unaware that it was Saheeli. However, their encounter at the meeting place reveals the truth. It was here the two kissed and began a relationship with each other.

Phyrexian Invasion

Karn's Sylex by Adam Paquette

Though Saheeli is absent during the New Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria, she does arrive during the aftermath of it. After hearing about the events and destruction of the original Sylex by the newly completed Ajani Goldmane, Saheeli was able to construct a new replica of the Sylex thanks to drawings of the original that Planeswalker Karn had made.

However, Saheeli did not know how the Sylex functioned, and no one knew how to use the artifact. She did know when the original Sylex was activated, however, during the last battle of the Brothers' War. Saheel accompanied the Planeswalker Teferi to Urza's Tower, which was capable of heightening a Planeswalker's power. Saheeli wishes Teferi luck before he gets ready to travel back to Dominaria's past – breaking his vow to never cross time itself – in order to save the Multiverse from New Phyrexia.