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9 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me
9 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me,The plot of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me had a few loose ends.

9 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

With so many twists and turns and diverging paths, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me has left plenty of unanswered questions after the end of the game. Five playable characters and a ferocious antagonist can have entirely different experiences based on your choices. But the consistent plot, unaffected by the Butterfly Effect, remains the same.

The hotel’s past, present, and future are all a mystery, despite uncovering much of the truth during your playthrough. There’s still much we haven’t learned about the characters. So, these are a few lingering questions we have after the end of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

This article contains spoilers


9 How Does Du’Met Make Calls Without A Willing Participant?

It’s revealed toward the end of the game that Du’Met holds two characters hostage toward the end of their stay, providing an ultimatum: pretend to be Du’Met and make the call, or watch a loved one die. Joseph Morello and his daughter were the last to experience this, and depending on your choices, Mark and Kate may be faced with the same terrifying decision. But, you can opt out of making the call, so what does Du’Met do if no one will do it for him?

8 Why Does Du’Met Let Morello And His Daughter Leave?

It makes sense that Du’Met deceives his victims in order for them to do his bidding, but why does he allow them to leave the island before killing them? Perhaps it provides him with a sick sense of pleasure, allowing his victims to feel the relief of escaping, just to pull the rug out from under them. But Du’Met is perfectly content with killing his victims in front of others, so why would he give his victims a chance to escape, no matter how unlikely it is?

7 Will The Police Finally Catch Du’Met?

You may think Du’Met is finally dead by the end of the game, but after his mask washes ashore, Du’Met comes to retrieve it.

If any of the crew members made it back to the mainland alive, they can tell the police about what they experienced, but even still, Du’Met is inviting another group of five immediately after the Lonnit crew. One ending will show a group winning a contest online to stay at the hotel, which will hopefully bring the police straight to him.

6 What Happened To The Missing Cigarettes?

Du’Met bet a lot on Charlie’s affinity for tobacco, using it as the main way to lure him into traps. Quickly after arriving at the hotel, Charlie notices that his cigarettes are missing, and he spends a portion of the game desperately trying to find a new pack.

Did Du’Met take the cigarettes from Charlie’s bag and assume he would do anything to try to find them? Or did he know about Charlie’s addiction beforehand and planned ahead with a different pack?

5 Why Didn’t Anyone Look For The Contractors?

It’s hard to believe that Du’Met was able to kill 178 people in general, but it’s even harder to believe no one came looking for any of them. The contractors that were hired to work on some of the hotel’s amenities were killed just like the future guests, but no one seemed to come looking for them. Du’Met may have made them sign an NDA before working there, but it’s strange that no one seemed to investigate and connect it to Du’Met.

4 Where Did Du’Met Find The Funds For His Murder Castle?

How did Du’Met afford his castle and his own island? His hotel is very much still a work in progress as many of the rooms are falling apart or incomplete, but all the contraptions and his giant control room and cameras must have cost a great deal.

And even if he did have the funds, how did he manage to evade attention from the police or FBI? Granted, Du’Met is former Detective Hector Munday, so he may have had more insight into staying hidden, but a murder-castle isn't really the most inconspicuous hideout.

3 Is Du’Met Invincible?

Supposedly Du’Met is a human being just like the rest of the characters, but he comes across as inhuman throughout the story, and not just because of his deplorable actions. You can attack Du’Met while playing as the characters, via stabbing and hitting, but no matter what, Du’Met is somehow unphased by it, as if he doesn’t feel anything.

He almost comes across as a sort of Michael Myers in his own right. Even after escaping the island, if any of your characters live, Du’Met is impaled, tangled in a chain, and pulled under the water and into the boat’s propeller. But, despite facing these fatal injuries, he survives.

2 Why Does Connie Live On The Island?

After seeing some of the horrors on the island, seeing a dog may be a sigh of relief. Connie, a pitbull living on the island is clearly afraid of her owner, Du’Met. It’s common for serial killers to hurt and abuse animals, which could be why she’s so timid in front of him.

Regardless, why does Du’Met have a pet? He clearly has no bond with her, and Connie isn’t an attack dog. Perhaps he fed into the aggressive stereotypes of pit bulls and expected her to help him. Either way, it’s comforting to know that Connie can escape with you at the end.

1 Is Du’Met Possessed By H.H. Holmes?

During H.H. Holmes’ trial shown in the game, he claims that the devil is within him, which is why he requests to be buried in cement, so he can’t come back from the dead. Holmes believes the devil will possess another person after him.

Du’Met is clearly obsessed with H.H. Holmes, creating his own replica of the “Murder Castle” and wearing a mask modeled after Holmes. Could Du’Met actually be possessed by the devil or the malevolent spirit of Holmes, or is he just a fanatic?