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10 Harry Potter Characters Who Outstayed Their Welcome
10 Harry Potter Characters Who Outstayed Their Welcome,fans always want more of the Trio and the Marauders in Harry Potter, but these other characters need to go away.

10 Harry Potter Characters Who Outstayed Their Welcome

The Harry Potter book and movie universe is packed with legendary pop culture icons, from the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter himself, to his many friends and teachers, some of whom are lovable rogues or compelling antiheroes. Most Harry Potter characters only stick around as long as they need for for the story's sake, but some still overstayed their welcome.

A fictional character might overstay their welcome if they linger in the story after their character arc is complete, and they don't have much else to do. Or, a character overstays their welcome if they have an extreme or unpleasant personality where a little goes a long way, and they appear more often than fans would like.

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10 Gilderoy Lockhart

Gilderoy Lockhart appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as an outwardly charismatic but inwardly vile wizard who stole credit for many other wizards' accomplishments. Lockhart was also deeply insufferable and conceited about his fame, which made Harry and Ron despise him at once.

Lockhart was fun to read and watch, but soon, fans had too much of him, partly because there was nothing else to his personality aside from his credit-stealing and annoying vanity. He is an example of what happens when a clever Ravenclaw has the selfish attitude of a Slytherin.

9 Sybill Trelawney

The Divination teacher, Sybill Trelawney, made a strong first impression in Prisoner of Azkaban with her wacky personality and her fixation on the mysticism of her field. She absolutely loved Divination and everything about it, but it greatly annoyed Hermione Granger, whose rational mind didn't like such things.

Sybill was never really hated in the Harry Potter fandom, but a little of her goes a long way, and she slowly became less sympathetic and the novelty of her character soon wore off. Eventually, she just made obligatory appearances in later books, and she wasn't doing so well.

8 Vincent Crabbe & Gregory Goyle

Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle are two separate people and aren't even twins, but they always appear together and serve the same purpose, so they are often lumped together. They are Draco Malfoy's two thuggish pals, though Draco probably sees them more as bodyguards than true friends.

Crabbe and Goyle were never interesting or likable in any way, and after the first few books/movies, they felt completely pointless, which they practically were. It soon became obvious that they embodied the worst aspects of Slytherin House and served no other purpose in the lore.

7 Percy Weasley

The bookish Percy Weasley was the third Weasley child, and unlike his prankster twin brothers or the free-spirited Ronald, Percy was an uptight and humorless wizard who always deferred to authority. Harry used to think Percy was at least polite and responsible, but then he became unbearable in Order of the Phoenix.

Fans had enough of Percy when he became a stubborn tool of the Ministry, which turned him against his family and Harry, viewing them all as dangerous rebels. Even after Percy made up with his parents, Harry Potter fans were tired of him, and he was never fun or sympathetic to begin with.

6 Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter fans learned right away to despise the falsely cheery, pink-wearing Dolores Umbridge, whose mission was to suppress any news of Lord Voldemort's return while also auditing the entire Hogwarts school on the Ministry's behalf. She was also a cruel disciplinarian, even more so than Severus Snape.

It was agony to put up with Dolores Umbridge throughout the lengthy Order of the Phoenix book, and she even appeared in Deathly Hallows as a Ministry worker while Voldemort ruled the place. Harry Potter fans wish they had never met the vile Dolores Umbridge at all, let alone endure her presence for so long.

5 Peeves

Peeves the poltergeist wasn't a staff member at Hogwarts, nor was he even a welcome guest. Everyone, even the forgiving Albus Dumbledore, saw Peeves as a noxious pest who had nothing to contribute to the school, and Argus Filch hated him most of all.

Peeves only appears in the books and in the Hogwarts Legacy game, and not the movies. Even so, a little of this supernatural troublemaker goes a long way, and fans never found a reason to like him or put up with his increasingly annoying antics. The novelty soon wore off, too, since Peeves had no real character development.

4 Argus Filch

Hogwartts' caretaker, or janitor, is a frazzled Squib named Argus Filch. On one hand, Harry Potter fans can't blame him for complaining when students make messes that he must clean up by hand, but he's also a total sadist who wants to hang troublemakers from their ankles in his office.

Argus Filch was a fairly one-note character who, aside from his Squib reveal, had no substantial development. That, and his unpleasant attitude and minor role in Harry Potter, meant he overstayed his welcome and exasperated fans every time he bothered to show his face.

3 Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter gave wizard reporters a bad name when she appeared in Goblet of Fire. She was more than a curious journalist who enjoyed drama – she actively provoked controversy and drama with her journalism and actions like, probably just to entertain herself and her many readers.

Rita Skeeter got her comeuppance when Hermione discovered her unregistered Animagus form and blackmailed her, but Rita didn't quit. She wrote a harshly worded book about Dumbledore after the latter's death, a book that outraged a grieving Harry in Deathly Hallows.

2 Vernon Dursley

Harry's Muggle uncle, Vernon Dursley, was a terrible foster parent, and he also irresponsibly raised his biological son Dudley to be a spoiled bully. He was actually the first Harry Potter character to appear in the books, and right away, readers knew that they would never like this character.

Vernon Dursley was cruel to Harry and deeply unpleasant in his own right, and he never let up. Halfway through the book and movie franchise, Harry Potter fans were sick of the horrible Vernon and didn't want to endure any more of him. Fortunately, he appeared less and less as the series progressed.

1 Cornelius Fudge

The minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge, was a mildly pleasant character at first, and he was actually protective of Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban, treating Harry like "a favorite nephew." He was never that interesting, though, and it became clear that his leadership was shoddy at best.

Minister Fudge got much worse in Order of the Phoenix, when he was in denial of Voldemort's return and cracked down on anyone wo said otherwise. He became a serious thorn in Harry's side all the way in London, and he was finally phased out of the story in Half-Blood Prince, where he briefly appeared before Rufus Scrimgeour succeeded him.

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