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How to Apply Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West
How to Apply Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West,Face paints are cosmetics found within Horizon Forbidden West. Paints can be found early in the game but can only be applied at specific locations.

How to Apply Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

There are multiple unlockable items within Horizon Forbidden West, one of which is face paints. While these are purely cosmetic items with no abilities connected, they can be unlocked throughout Aloy's adventure and are a fun way to represent the various tribes found throughout the game.

Aloy is a proud member of the Nora tribe, a matriarchal society with a primary function that includes hunting and gathering. However, because Aloy has the title of Seeker, she can explore beyond the Nora lands, allowing her to encounter various tribes such as the Utaru, Tenakth, Carja, and Oseram. Throughout her explorations, she can learn more about their cultures and adapt looks similar to the tribe members, including using various face paints.


How to Equip Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

While face paints can be unlocked relatively early in Horizon Forbidden West, they cannot be equipped until the player finds a painter. These notable NPCs are marked on the map with an image similar to a pickaxe. Once found, the painter will apply any unlocked face paint for 10 Metal Shards or remove the currently used one for a single Metal Shard. Three face painters can be found in Forbidden West. One painter can be found in Scalding Spear, another in The Bulwark, and the final in Thornmarsh. They will apply any face paint from any tribal origin, but unfortunately, they come in no specific order, so players can easily miss a painter if they are not looking for one.

Face paint can also be applied feely using Photo Mode. However, players will want to be aware that face paint applied during Photo Mode will disappear once they return to regular gameplay, as permanent paint can only be equipped by a painter. Any player who purchased the Deluxe Edition will want to explore Photo Mode a bit, as it is how they will access the extra face paint included in the edition. Even if the Deluxe Edition was not purchased, fans would want to explore the mode because they can create some stunning looks for Aloy in various armor sets and face paints.

How to Acquire New Face Paints

Most face paints will be unlocked by simply playing through the main story of Forbidden West. Others will be acquired through side-quests that can be found along the way. As long as the player follows the main quest line, they will encounter these side-quests and thus collect all the available face paints.

The only exception is the special face paint that can be collected by finding all the hidden War Totems which depict various characters from God of War. The Totems can be found near a cabin close to the Sunwing site by the Greenhouse research facility, the Stormbird site near Shrouded Heights Vista Point, and the Frost Glinthawk site south of the Latopolis research facility.

Despite not giving any extra boost or abilities, players should explore the face paints if they have a chance, as they are a fun way to alter Aloy's look without worrying about stats, like when equipping armor sets. The face paints can also be used to help represent a tribe to which the player may feel particularly attached.