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One Detail About Overwatch 2’s Hammond Design Doesn’t Make Sense
One Detail About Overwatch 2's Hammond Design Doesn't Make Sense,There is a weird detail about Overwatch 2's rodent Tank Hero Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, that doesn't make sense under closer inspection.

One Detail About Overwatch 2’s Hammond Design Doesn’t Make Sense

Fans have noticed something very odd about Overwatch 2's mech-piloting hamster, Hammond. And while Overwatch 2 may not be a game where realism is an exceptionally high priority, Hammond's design does not make sense when someone looks too closely.

Released in 2022, Overwatch 2 is a sequel and replacement for Blizzard's popular multiplayer FPS Overwatch. Hammond, also known as Wrecking Ball, is among the playable characters in both games. A genetically modified space hamster, he was one of several animals experimented on as part of a lunar colony project. Unlike Overwatch's hyperintelligent gorilla Winston, Hammond isn't capable of human speech despite having the intelligence for it. He's also quite small despite being a giant by hamster standards. For those reasons, Hammond relies on his spherical mech for combat and translating his vocalizations into human language.


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Wrecking Ball's mech is impressive for something built out of an escape pod and scrap metal. However, as one Reddit user pointed out, it features a significant design flaw. Namely, Hammond pilots the mech into battle while sticking his head out of the hatch on the top. Weirdly, the inside of the mech is spacious enough for him to duck inside while rolling. This suggests that either Hammond can, for some reason, pilot but not shoot his weapons from inside of it or that Overwatch 2's hamster Hero chooses to expose himself to unnecessary extra danger.

Why does Hammod stick his head out of his ball mech during combat when he could stay safe inside the mech. Is he stupid?
by u/DOOMdiff in Overwatch

Now, the obvious answer for this design decision is that Blizzard wants players to be able to see that Hammond is a hamster. Wrecking Ball spends all his time inside the mech, so developers need some way of visually showing that a rodent is controlling a giant robot. Blizzard presumably could have found some other way of getting that across while keeping him more protected. Still, there's just something comical about a hamster sitting on top of a giant metal ball. This also puts Overwatch 2’s Wrecking Ball in the same category as every video game protagonist who refuses to wear a helmet because developers want players to see their faces.

Overwatch 2 fans have also suggested some in-universe explanations for this design choice. One possibility is that Hammond wants his opponents to know that a hamster is defeating them. Meanwhile, one piece of dialogue between him and fellow Overwatch and Overwatch 2 Hero Symmetra references Hammond having to turn up his air conditioner, so maybe it's simply hot in there. Fan explanations aside, it's an odd design flaw that might fly under the radar until someone points it out.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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