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Are Respawn Gaming Chairs Any Good?
Are Respawn Gaming Chairs Any Good?,Gaming chairs are gaining popularity among PC users, with many brands leading the charge. Are Respawn gaming chairs good enough to run with the pack?

Are Respawn Gaming Chairs Any Good?

Respawn gaming chairs have recently been climbing the ranks of popularity among gamers (and even non-gamers) thanks to their low-cost options and variety of styles, but are these gaming chairs really some of the best on the market?

Despite having been founded only 6 years ago, they’ve already gained some powerful partnerships with Faze Clan and, maybe less glamorously, Sam’s Club, ensuring that plenty of PC users will have a Respawn gaming chair by their desk. Those in the market for a new office chair or gaming chair may consider taking a look at Respawn’s wide selection that includes a variety of styles and prices. Unfortunately for Respawn, their chairs are more or less all created equal.


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Respawn has some of the best budget gaming chairs on the market, but their more premium chairs often leave much to be desired and lack the durability expected of such a high price tag. Still, depending on preferences, Respawn chairs can be an excellent choice for certain gamers and office workers.


While Respawn has definitely given attention to ergonomic support with their PC chair line, they haven't really done anything too special. Respawn often advertises that they have 75 years of ergonomics experience, yet almost none of their products have explanations as to how their chairs achieve good ergonomic design.

For their part, Respawn uses thin foam sheets with some rigid contouring to give players contoured support. While such foam inserts can be ideal for some body types, most other PC chair manufacturers have moved on to weave-based support, either with padded or mesh materials. Even Respawn themselves have begun to focus more on woven-mesh chairs and, on their plush chairs the foam they use is extremely stiff so that it can be used in more subtle ways. These foam pieces are just part of a consistent theme for Respawn chairs: they’re trying to be gaming chairs.

The foam sections, along with the head and lumbar pillows included with some options, don't have a lot of give, making them more durable for heavier people at the cost of failing to provide ergonomic support for lighter people altogether. The one caveat to this is the waterfall foam section available on their RSP-900 chair, which is actually useful to anyone who needs extra support for the back of their legs while they play or work.

Not all of Respawn’s chairs are made with foam though, and it should be noted that their mesh gaming chairs are well-made. The mesh weave is soft but stiff, so users don’t sink in much, and strong frames help to evenly distribute weight away from common stress points like the lower back.

While the rigidity is a bust for some, the overall ergonomic design is the same as most mid-range or budget gaming chairs. The only problem with this is not all of Respawn’s chairs are priced as such; many are as expensive as high-end gaming chairs.


Respawn offers a few different chairs, casting a wide net and ending up all over the place as far as style goes. Starting with the bad, the Respawn gaming chair 210 and the RSP-900 are styled in that classic gamer aesthetic of red and black with sweeping V’s on a racing seat. These two are only available through third-party sellers like Amazon rather than directly from Respawn, but they aren’t as cheap as they look. Although they go on sale often, the RSP-900 is usually listed around $500 and the 210 is usually about $250!

Moving on to the good, it’s hard to imagine how Respawn’s newer line of chairs could disappoint in comparison, especially considering that almost all of them are less than $500. Also available through Amazon, Respawn’s 110, Specter, Spire, and Flexx chairs have much more modern designs to better suit a variety of spaces. In particular, the 110 gaming chair is stylishly versatile, with a tall back, soft upholstery, and subtle color options. It does have a very basic chair shape, but the sleek black or gray colors and the short side wings elevate it to a higher status than the price tag might suggest.

The Specter and Spire gaming chairs are both mesh-back chairs that could easily be mistaken for office chairs. There’s really no reason to even call them gaming chairs, as they don’t have any of the signature features. The Specter does have an additional lumbar support piece that slightly pivots with the user, but if it weren’t for the headrest pillow with “RESPAWN” written on it, people might mistake this chair for a much fancier office chair. The Spire is styled even more like an office chair, with its unassuming look making it a perfect option for gamers with a PC-based day job.

Finally, the Respawn Flexx goes back to gamer culture with those unmistakable jagged lines, side wings, and more colorful options. It does look cool, but while it doesn’t scream “unprofessional gamer chair”, it will definitely start some conversations in the office that some users may want to avoid.

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Despite all the padding, customer reviews for Respawn chairs consistently complain about just that… the comfort. Firm foam isn’t for everyone, but Respawn seems to think it is. All of their chairs are reported as being too rigid and uncomfortable by many users, but these chairs are designed to give a lot more pushback and support very long gaming sessions for heavier folks. And that would be really a really wonderful sentiment, if their weight limits didn’t cap out at 275lbs. The Flexx supports up to 300lbs, but that’s the only outlier in Respawn’s lineup.

Most people will be able to fit in the chairs though, and once they do, they can adjust it to perfectly fit their body. With the exception of the more armchair-style RSP-900, Respawn’s chairs have the standard array of adjustable components: shifting seat, tilting back, movable armrests, and adjustable lumbar support.

One of the stand-out things about Respawn chairs can be found on their Spire model. This minimalist chair keeps gamers comfortable with a quilted foam seat and cooling gel inserts that prevent overheating during hours of sitting. This chair can also have the armrests pushed up and out of the way, leaving more room to get comfortable. While comfort is a bit of a flop for most Respawn chairs, the new Spire chair might be the perfect solution for some players.

Overall Verdict

Respawn gaming chairs may have lots of clout behind them thanks to decades old gaming success and a partnership with an established furniture manufacturer, but that’s not quite enough to compete against most of the other gaming chairs on the market.

While Respawn certainly has a lot to offer with some of their more recent options, it’s clear that these chairs target specific needs that may not align with everyone looking for a new addition to their PC setup.

Respawn Gaming Chairs



Can be affordable

Can be more expensive than comparable brands

Professional-looking styles available

Very stiff foam

Both mesh-back and padded chair options

Weight limit is 300lbs or less

Cooling gel-filled seat available

Add to this the fact there are many reports of poor quality materials and short-lived durability, and the fact remains that shoppers should more picky when considering some of Respawn’s chairs. With that in mind, two of their chairs do seem to be worthwhile depending on personal preferences.

The Respawn 110 gaming chair is extremely versatile, able to work as a gaming chair or an office chair. It’s affordable, uses many of the same materials and designs as popular office chairs, and it’s currently on sale for $190 on Respawn’s website, so it’s a fair price.

The Respawn Spire is likewise a good bet thanks to its honeycomb support, soft mesh-back weave, and the pleasantly surprising gel-cooled seat. Despite this chair being objectively good, it’s still aiming to meet some specific needs. Gamers who often feel hot or who simply prefer mesh-back chairs but hate mesh seats will have the best experience with the Spire.

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Q: Are Respawn gaming chairs ergonomic?

Yes, Respawn gaming chairs are ergonomic, although the stiff foam and mesh isn’t comfortable for everyone.

Q: How much do Respawn chairs cost?

Respawn chairs cost between $249 and $599, although there are sales that lower these prices periodically.

Q: What is the weight limit for Respawn chairs?

Respawn chairs have different weight limits based on their size, with the overall limits ranging from 275lbs to 300lbs.

Q: What is the average lifespan of a gaming chair?

Most gaming chairs should last at least two years, but with both budget and high-end options, gaming chair lifespans can range anywhere from a few months to a little more than 5 years.

Q: Is a Herman Miller chair better than a gaming chair?

Herman Miller is a very popular office chair brand that has a reputation for having some of the most comfortable chairs on the market. However, mesh chairs have not been proven to be better than plush chairs and some studies have suggested just the opposite. Additionally, the Herman Miller Aeron chair is typically listed at around $1800, which is just about 3x the cost of most other gaming chair or office chair options. While it may be the best option for some, it certainly isn’t the right choice for many others.

Q: Are Respawn gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Respawn gaming chairs are on par with many budget ergonomic office chairs, although they do tend to be more expensive.