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A Dark Captain Marvel Became a Multiversal Serial Killer – And the X-Men Were Her Target
A Dark Captain Marvel Became a Multiversal Serial Killer - And the X-Men Were Her Target,One variant of Captain Marvel became a multiversal serial killer due to her unresolved feud with a veteran member of the X-Men.

A Dark Captain Marvel Became a Multiversal Serial Killer – And the X-Men Were Her Target

Captain Marvel is one of Marvel's strongest heroes — which years ago, made her a target of villains like Mystique. Sending her adopted daughter Rogue against the hero, Mystique ended up changing the course of both women's lives. Since then, the two have been linked, with years of animosity and aggression slowly leading to forgiveness and understanding.

Both women are stronger for the growth they've gone through as a result, but that wasn't the only way things could have played out. In fact, Rogue and Captain Marvel (back when the latter was going by Ms. Marvel) once discovered that in another timeline, Carol Danvers went a far darker path and became a multiversal killer similar to the recently reintroduced Graydon Creed.


A Rogue Variant Turned Captain Marvel Into a Terrifying Killer

In the core-Marvel Universe of Earth-616, Carol Danvers' fateful confrontation with Rogue resulted in massive changes for both women. For Rogue, it was the first step toward her eventual redemption. For Carol, the violation and loss of her powers left her shaken, but not defeated. This led her to become a frequent ally of the X-Men and saw Carol throw herself back into heroism. Thanks to this development, she rose far beyond her former limits to become Captain Marvel. She even made peace with Rogue, who'd go on to become an Avenger herself. But that wasn't the case on Earth-7192.

Introduced in Ms. Marvel #9 (by Brian Reed, Mike Wieringo, Wade Von Grawbadger, Chris Sotomayor, and Dave Sharpe), the Carol Danvers of this timeline suffered a similar attack by Rogue and was drained of her powers. Like the Earth-616, this Carol eventually regained her powers, choosing the moniker of Warbird. But this Carol was far more affected by Rogue's actions, and increasingly turned to alcohol to contend with the lingering trauma of what had happened. As a result, she ignored some missions taken on by the team. This included one where Carol's intervention would have been crucial in stopping an invasion of Brood or the arrival of the alien Cru.

As a result, Cru's actions resulted in the destruction of Earth-7192. But Carol survived thanks to the nature of her powers, absorbing the energy from the explosion to be rocketed across the multiverse. Furious at her situation, Warbird decided to take it out on every Rogue she could find — become a multiversal serial killer with a very specific target. She ended up slaying dozens of Rogues (and even a couple of Captain Marvel variants who stand against her) before arriving on Earth-616, where she was defeated.

Captain Marvel's Growth Saved Rogue – And the World

The prospect of an evil Captain Marvel isn't out of the realm of possibility, as seen in timelines like the Cancerverse or in comics like Exiles. But the serial killer Warbird is a good showcase of just how terrifying Carol Danvers can become when she allows her rage to define her. Captain Marvel is one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel roster. Seeing her unleash the powers with a lethal edge is a harrowing experience, as she comes close to casually snapping Rogue's neck and seriously injuring Beast with a blast of energy. She hasn't lost her mind either, revealing a determined but tactical approach to her kills.

Throughout the storyline, Carol is forced to confront the very real fact that Warbird and her share a lot in common. Even beyond their status as variants of the same person, they suffered the same trauma, and at least initially were on the same path. But while it took years for the Earth-616 Carol Danvers to make peace with Rogue, it's crucial that the two eventually settled their differences and grew to respect one another. By overcoming that trauma, Captain Marvel was able to reach her full potential. By contrast, Warbird is a worst-case scenario for Carol Danvers, proof that her growth beyond the traumas of her past wasn't a done deal. Without putting the work in, Captain Marvel could have easily become like Warbird and become a killer — or even doomed her entire world.