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Resident Evil 4: All Clockwork Castellan Locations
Resident Evil 4: All Clockwork Castellan Locations,Resident Evil 4's remake includes 16 Clockwork Castellans to locate and destroy. Here's where to find each one of them.

Resident Evil 4: All Clockwork Castellan Locations

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The long-awaited remake to Capcom's survival horror classic, Resident Evil 4, is finally here and earning positive reviews across the board for its expansive overhaul of what many consider to be the best game in the Resident Evil series. The remake brings with it a host of new features, including changes to combat, fresh customization options, updates to characters, and new collectibles and side-quests. One optional quest players are likely to receive during their playthrough of RE4 tasks them with finding and destroying the game's Clockwork Castellans.


There are 16 Clockwork Castellans to find and destroy in Resident Evil 4. Upon destroying all of them, players will receive the Primal Knife, which becomes indestructible once it has been fully upgraded, and the "Revolution Wind-up" trophy or achievement. Here is the location of each Castellan, along with the chapter in which to find them.

What to Know About the Clockwork Castellans

There is one Clockwork Castellan to find in each chapter of Resident Evil 4's story, and while they make noise when you're near them, they can still sometimes be difficult to spot. On your search for each Castellan, keep in mind that as RE4's story progresses, many areas will eventually be permanently locked without warning, so it is imperative you remember to find and destroy each figurine before leaving the area. Clockwork Castellans can be destroyed simply by shooting them.

Chapter 1 Clockwork Castellan

The first Clockwork Castellan you're likely to happen upon is in Chapter 1 when you reach the Lakeside Settlement. In the southwestern area of the settlement near where you enter, there's an abandoned building. Go inside, and you'll find the Castellan standing on a piece of the old ceiling.

Chapter 2 Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 2's Clockwork Castellan can be found in a small hut on the path north of the Abandoned Factory. When entering the hut, look immediately to the right and down. The Castellan is moving on a bale of hay there.

Chapter 3 Clockwork Castellan

The next Clockwork Castellan can be found northeast of the Quarry near the merchant in Chapter 3. From the merchant, climb down the ladder there and head straight forward on the path to your right. Follow the path around to a stack of crates, and you'll see the Castellan moving on top of them.

Chapter 4 Clockwork Castellan

The next Clockwork Castellan to find is in the Forest Altar, which can be accessed by traveling to the northernmost area of the Lakeside Settlement during Chapter 4. Go to the wooden gate at the back of the Forest Altar area and aim your gun through it and to the left. You'll see the Castellan moving on the ground there.

Chapter 5 Clockwork Castellan

The next Clockwork Castellan can only be found once you have Ashley with you, which means you'll be unable to access it until Chapter 5. After rescuing Ashley and escaping the church, head to the Village Chief's Manor. In the second-floor room where you first encountered Mendes, you'll see a small painting dangling off the wall. Remove the painting, and pull the lever behind it. A hatch will open up above the nearby wardrobe, revealing a small ladder. Hoist Ashley up there, and she'll knock the ladder down for you. Climb up the ladder to the attic, and you'll find the Castellan on a table near a wooden bucket and a chess board.

Chapter 6 Clockwork Castellan

The next Clockwork Castellan can be found in Chapter 6 after clearing the valley of enemies. On the path to the Checkpoint, you'll see a large bonfire on the right. The Clockwork Castellan is resting in front of it.

Chapter 7 Clockwork Castellan

After making your way through the dungeons and defeating the Garrador in Chapter 7, use the Dungeon Key to unlock the door and climb up the ladder there. At the top of the ladder, you'll find yourself in an area filled with shelves and boxes. The Castellan is on top of one of the shelves there.

Chapter 8 Clockwork Castellan

The next Clockwork Castellan will be available during Chapter 8, and you can either find it while the El Gigante boss is hurling boulders at you, or you can defeat it first and then backtrack. To find it while the boss is still alive, once the initial cinematic ends, move to the right and drop down, then climb the ladder at the end of the path. Work your way around the top of the tower, and you'll see the Castellan sitting on a pile of sandbags.

Chapter 9 Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 9's Clockwork Castellan is in the hedge maze in the Courtyard. To find it, start by facing the stairs in the middle of the Courtyard and head through the maze to the left. Follow the maze around the corner and turn left at the first intersection. Continue to follow the path around and turn left at the next intersection. Proceed down that path and turn right. You'll find the Castellan on the ground behind some junk and near a pallet.

Chapter 10 Clockwork Castellan

To find the Clockwork Castellan in Chapter 10, face the merchant and immediately turn around and through the entryway. The Castellan can be seen hanging upside-down through the metal grate straight ahead.

Chapter 11 Clockwork Castellan

After you ride the mine cart in Chapter 11, you'll reach the Stopover area. Go inside the house there, and you'll see this Castellan resting on top of the house's frame.

Chapter 12 Clockwork Castellan

The next Clockwork Castellan can be found in the Clock Tower in Chapter 12. Once you reach the Clock Tower toward the beginning of the chapter, head to its northwestern side, and you'll find the Castellan resting on some boxes in an alcove.

Chapter 13 Clockwork Castellan

After moving through the Wharf in Chapter 13 and encountering a soldier wielding an RPG, you'll reach a fork in the road where you can either go left upstairs or right downstairs. Head down the stairs on the right toward some shipping containers. This Castellan is on the ground beneath the truck in the back of the area, and you'll be able to see it by peering over the concrete barrier there.

Chapter 14 Clockwork Castellan

After you pass through the Amber Storeroom and then the tunnel, turn right and into the building at the tunnel's exit. The Clockwork Castellan is on top of the lockers inside the building.

Chapter 15 Clockwork Castellan

After the cinematic in Chapter 15 where Mike dies, head toward the objective and into the building nearby. Defeat the Regenerador and go into the open room to the right of the wheel. For reference, the room also has a small chest on a table. The Castellan is resting on the ceiling beams there.

Chapter 16 Clockwork Castellan

Chapter 16's Clockwork Castellan is in the Underground Passage that you'll run through after defeating Saddler. This is all during a countdown sequence, so you'll need to move fast. After jumping across the falling bridge, the Castellan is in the room there, resting on some boxes behind a forklift.