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The Power Rangers’ Newest Member is – Their Worst Enemy?!
The Power Rangers' Newest Member is - Their Worst Enemy?!,One of the Power Rangers' most iconic enemies has just formed his own connection to the Morphin Grid, and it changes everything.

The Power Rangers’ Newest Member is – Their Worst Enemy?!

The following contains major spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106, on sale now from BOOM! Studios.

After Rita Repulsa's recent return as the supercharge Mistress Vile, the Power Rangers have only been able to watch as their old nemesis took back her throne in horrifying fashion. Not only were the heroes helpless to stop her, but even Lord Zedd couldn't hold his own against the might of Mistress Vile. Though now that he has the power of the Morphin Grid at his command that might not be the case any longer.

Following Mistress Vile's assault on their command center, the eponymous heroes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #106 (by Melissa Flores, Raúl Angulo, Simona Di Gianfelice, and Ed Dukeshire) have been forced to relocate to Grace Sterling's Promethea stronghold. Unfortunately, the move also meant bringing along the recently defeated Lord Zedd. Despite his battered state and the high-tech security measures in place, it is only a matter of time before Zedd has escaped his confinement to surprise his enemies with his very own Morphinomenal transformation.


Lord Zedd Has Become a Power Ranger

While Lord Zedd has been a fixture of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe from the original series' second season, his story has been expanded almost beyond recognition in the comics. Rather than any otherwise ordinary existence preceding his reign as the Emperor of Evil, Zedd's beginnings came in the form of the mighty Zophram of Eltar. Once the leader of the gleaming Guardians of Eltar, Zophram was betrayed by those closest to him, leading to both his gruesome transformation and his twisted outlook.

In the centuries since then, Zedd has made a name for himself as one of the most capable villains in any corner of the cosmos. This is apparent nowhere more so than on Earth, where his war against the Power Rangers has seen him unleash all manner of horrors, including his own Dark Rangers. Rather than relying on the Morphin Grid, however, Zedd's evil team relied upon the same Chaos Energy that fuels the original Green Ranger. This on its own may not be particularly surprising, but it does make it all the more questionable how Zedd has tapped into the Grid for himself, let alone where he acquired a Morpher.

Lord Zedd's Connection to the Morphin Grid Changes Everything

It would be easy enough to assume that Zedd is drawing power from Chaos Energy once more, especially after being imbued with it during his explosive first encounter with Matthew Cook. On the other hand, this would make the fact that he was able to slip his hidden Morpher in under Promethea's radar would be all the more shocking. Prometha has been monitoring chaos energy for the good of their Green Ranger making it unlikely they would've missed it.

Of course, Zedd's former place as the Gold Guardian could have always left him with a latent connection to the Grid. Although if that were indeed the case, it could have grim implications for the future. Zedd on his own was already one foe that the Rangers could never quite overcome entirely. At that rate, a Grid empowered Zedd could very well be the end of all of them. Then again, the Rangers are hardly Zedd's biggest worry at the moment, especially while Mistress Vile is still sitting high upon his throne.