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Boruto’s Recent Twist Mirrors an Old Spongebob Episode
Boruto’s Recent Twist Mirrors an Old Spongebob Episode,Boruto and Kawaki have done something that calls to mind the events of an old Spongebob Squarepants episode. Here's how the two situations compare.

Boruto’s Recent Twist Mirrors an Old Spongebob Episode

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 79 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, "Omnipotence," by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto, and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

Things have been flipped upside-down in Boruto's life: he and Kawaki have switched places with each other. This kind of trope is commonly referred to as the Freaky Friday Flip, though perhaps Freaky Friday isn't the Western property to reference.

This particular switch is more like something out of an old episode of Spongebob Squarepants. The nature of it and how it affects the characters is something rather unique that goes beyond the traditional body swap. There may be more examples, but not in well-known properties like the Naruto or Spongebob franchises.


What Spongebob Episode Does Boruto's Situation Resemble?

The switch is an unintended result of Eida's true power, Omnipotence. By manipulating the chakra in all living beings on the planet, she's altered everyone's perceptions of Boruto and Kawaki. Now everyone thinks of Boruto as they would Kawaki and vice versa.

It's a little confusing, but an episode of Spongebob can help to make sense of it. In Episode 41a, "The Algae's Always Greener," Plankton uses his Switch-Lives-Just-To-Know-What-It's-Like-O-Mogrifier on himself and his business rival Mr. Krabs. As a result, he becomes Mr. Plankton, the proud owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant, while Mr. Krabs becomes Krabs, the thief trying to steal his recipe for Krabby Patties.

The unique nature of Boruto and Plankton's Freaky Friday Flips is in what changes. Instead of switching bodies or exchanging roles like in other variations of the trope, they've had everyone believe that they were another person entirely. This, in turn, has reversed their respective lists of friends and enemies.

Unfortunately, this unique switch has worked against Boruto in the worst way imaginable. He used to be surrounded by friends, loved ones, and allies in the Hidden Leaf Village. However, by switching places with Kawaki, who betrayed the village by kidnapping the Hokage, everyone thinks of him as an enemy. This is to say nothing of how everyone now thinks Boruto brutally attacked Kawaki, even though he's the one who just lost an eye. He's more of the Mr. Krabs, or rather Krabs, of this situation while Kawaki has become Mr. Plankton.

To make matters worse, Boruto can't undo this newfound inconvenience with the push of a button as Plankton did. Unless there's something he can do on his end to break Eida's spell over everyone, he's going to be stuck with nearly all of his former allies trying to kill him as they would have Kawaki. It doesn't help that Kawaki understands what's happening and is feeding into the villagers' misconceptions. If Boruto can't undo this, he could be spending the rest of his life either running from his old friends or trying to convince them he's not an enemy.

This twist on the Freaky Friday Flip, while not a completely original one, is certainly a welcome one. It probably would have been simple enough to have Boruto and Kawaki switch bodies and have the story play out like that. However, having the change occur in everyone else adds a layer of complexity to the situation. Even if Spongebob did it first, it will be interesting to see how Boruto deals with this high level of identity theft.