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Harry Potter’s Scariest Potion Didn’t Kill – It Did Much Worse
Harry Potter's Scariest Potion Didn’t Kill - It Did Much Worse,The Harry Potter world is home to some strange and dangerous potions. But the worst will make its drinker suffer a fate worse than death.

Harry Potter’s Scariest Potion Didn’t Kill – It Did Much Worse

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Like many other fantasy worlds, Harry Potter's Wizarding World is one of beauty and sheer terror. But perhaps the best way to understand this could be from the potions that wizards and witches could produce with the right ingredients. For example, one potion could offer an incredible sense of luck, while others may offer uncomfortable yet powerful changes to the body. However, there are also potions that feel more like a curse rather than a blessing.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, fans were introduced to the Emerald Potion, or the Drink of Despair. This potion was used to guard Salazar Slytherin's locket, a Horcrux created by Voldemort. However, this was mostly a last line of defense as the potion was hidden within a cave and surrounded by water that held undead corpses known as Inferi. But while these defenses were deadly, the Emerald Potion offered a fate far worse than death.


What Is the Drink of Despair?

Harry Potter's Drink of Despair was a potion that was unique in how it could — or couldn't — be gotten rid of. For all intents and purposes, the potion could not be charmed, transfigured, scooped up, altered or drained in any way. Essentially, the only way to get rid of it was to drink it, but this proved to create more challenges as its effects created mental and physical strife for the drinker. Those who consumed the potion had to down it all to escape its effects, but with at least three sips, the user would experience great internal pain, like burning. Then, they would feel immense fear and even relive some of their darkest memories. As an added icing on the cake, the potion would also create extreme thirst, which Voldemort used to his advantage as the water in the lake that surrounded the potion could be drunk but would give the Inferi a chance to pull the user into the depths.

The only way to survive the Emerald Potion would be for someone to accompany the drinker so that as its effects grew, they could force-feed them the potion. However, this would prove difficult as even Harry Potter struggled to make sure Dumbledore drank the entire thing. This was why Voldemort made sure his cave hideout could only be reached by boat and that only one person could fit. Although, other beings like House-elves could outsmart this, as they could apparate to any location. This was how the potion's first drinker, Regulus Black, came to face it.

Who Has Drank the Emerald Potion in Harry Potter?

Only two people tied to Voldemort's Horcrux have consumed the Emerald Potion in Harry Potter. While Dumbledore was the most famous, Regulus Black may have been the most tragic person to consume it. Upon learning of Voldemort's Horcruxes and that his House-elf Kreacher was the subject of torture to ensure the potion's effects, he took it upon himself to steal the locket. He and Kreacher traveled to the cave, and as Regulus succumbed to its effects, he couldn't withstand his thirst and forced Kreacher to take the locket as a final wish. After that, the ex-Death Eater was taken to the depths of the lake by the Inferi.

Albus Dumbledore, on the other hand, survived the experience thanks to Harry Potter and returned the favor by protecting the two of them from the attacking Inferi. Nevertheless, the potion did its damage to the wizard, as he dealt with all of its effects and was even brought back to the duel that resulted in the death of his sister, Ariana, which he never forgave himself for. In the end, the Drink of Despair was never a potion that killed, but under the right circumstances, it could do enough damage to a person to make them vulnerable to death. However, for those that survived, it's no secret that the Emerald Potion is enough to make death feel like a reprieve.