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10 Marvel Villains Who Should Never Fight Spider-Man
10 Marvel Villains Who Should Never Fight Spider-Man,Spider-Man is one of Marvel's most talented heroes, meaning less experienced villains like Minotaur and Kangaroo should probably keep their distance.

10 Marvel Villains Who Should Never Fight Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of Marvel's most accomplished heroes. He has truly seen and done it all. Less experienced villains might struggle to stand against the webhead's might and experience. What's more, there are antagonists whose abilities really wouldn't function in their favor when faced with Spidey's power set.

As a result, these Marvel villains should avoid fighting Spider-Man at all costs. If they try to engage him in combat, they'll surely be embarrassed, defeated, and imprisoned — losing any street credit they might've been able to establish. While these same Marvel villains prove challenging adversaries to their arch-rivals, facing Spider-Man would be their undoing.


10 Armadillo

Antonio Rodriguez might masquerade as the villain known as Armadillo, but he doesn't have a stellar reputation. The antagonist is largely a laughingstock, defined by the ridiculous animal-based mutation he has undergone. His powerful armor is no laughing matter, though, making him invulnerable.

However, despite his impressive strength and speed, Armadillo would meet his match in Spider-Man. The web-slinger is well-versed in defeating talented professionals like the Rhino, who boast a similar set of abilities. Armadillo is far below that level and shouldn't test his strength against a seasoned expert.

9 Nightshade

Marvel has made Spider-Man stronger over the years, meaning skilled villains such as Nightshade no longer stand a chance against him. Tilda Johnson doesn't boast any powers, although she's talented in martial arts and with precision firearms. That's an everyday challenge for Peter Parker, though.

Nightshade's key asset is her intelligence. She's known to utilize poisons and other bioweapons in the field. However, Spider-Man is one of the few Marvel heroes smart enough to create an antiserum for her poisonous attacks. While Nightshade is often successful, Peter Parker's clever inventions of Parker would bring her down.

8 Kangaroo

Marvel has no shortage of animal-themed villains, evidenced by the second iteration of Kangaroo, Brian Hibbs. Perhaps even more absurd in his premise, the character is powered by the Kangaroo armor he seemingly never takes off. Enhanced speed, strength, and durability are all the classic traits of a Spidey foe.

Kangaroo should avoid fighting Spider-Man, because the hero has already beaten many villains with the exact same power set. Kangaroo's ability to jump high might be an advantage, but Spider-Man is a web-slinging pro. Web-slinging would efficiently help Peter keep up with his foe, taking away the one niche skill that Brian Hibbs might have relied upon.

7 Stilt-Man

Stilt-Man hasn't built a reliable reputation since Daredevil frequently brings the career criminal down to size. While it wouldn't be unusual to see Stilt-Man cross paths with Spider-Man, he'd be wise to avoid tangling with the friendly neighborhood hero.

Of all the villains with ridiculous motives, the chip on Stilt-Man's shoulder makes his gimmick more laughable. Spider-Man would make quick work of those long legs, webbing them up, so they're no longer an asset. Spidey would outclass Stilt Man at every stage, quickly bringing the crook to justice.

6 Minotaur

Dario Agger, at the height of his power, utilized the financial empire Roxxon. Spider-Man himself has come across the corrupt organization before. He is well-versed in their techniques and has never been swayed or fallen foul of their business undertakings. Peter can't be influenced by cash and having the public turned against him is nothing new.

That immediately removes a weapon from Dario's arsenal. When transforming into the Minotaur, he is a physical threat, but Spider-Man's agility and experience with villains like Rhino give him the edge. Ultimately, Agger wouldn't stand a chance. He's most likely to get tripped up in webs, while charging against his nemesis.

5 Madame Masque

Madame Masque is a classic Marvel villain, but she doesn't pose much of a threat to Spider-Man. Her hand-to-hand training is impressive, and her firearm precision is dangerous. However, those won't catch Peter Parker off guard. He's well-prepared for such attacks.

Madame Masque is traditionally a villain of characters like Iron Man, because she can use her resources to hack into their technology. Spider-Man's low-tech operations removes that advantage. Besides a few robotic allies, which Peter has learned how to foil via his battles with Spider-Slayer, Madame Masque has very few tricks left up her sleeves to win this fight.

4 Mister Fear

Mister Fear is a fascinating figure. As a physical threat, he's got no chance against Spider-Man. His melee attacks are non-existent and hand-to-hand combat is certainly lacking. He's more than likely to be webbed up before he can throw the first punch.

However, Mister Fear's chemical attacks are more lethal, bringing out the worst fears in the heroes he fights. As one of Marvel's most influential heroes, it's no surprise that Spidey has come under mental attack before. He has faced his terrors head on, and Mister Fear's gasses and serums aren't potent enough to truly win out against Peter's fortified mind. Without those gimmicks, Mister Fear has nothing else to offer.

3 Titania

Titania is one of Marvel's strongest villains. In a fair fight, she would absolutely decimate Spider-Man, but the web-slinger relies on his gadgets, agility, and speed. As a result, Spider-Man doesn't need to challenge Titania head-on.

Titania is more intelligent than many give her credit for, but compared to the super geniuses Peter Parker has outsmarted, she isn't the most tactically challenging. With too much reliance on her raw strength, Titania would be out-maneuvered before she realized what was happening.

2 Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark is a pretty threatening foe in the water, but in the middle of New York, it's unlikely that Spider-Man would face Tiger Shark in his natural habitat. All of those specialized traits that help Tiger Shark stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Namor would be stripped away when fighting Spidey on land.

Tiger Shark might be strong, and those teeth are certainly lethal, but on land, he's never been very effective. He's a villainous walking cliché who lumbers around, looking for trouble. Tiger Shark wouldn't be quick enough to catch the agile Spider-Man, and a few well-placed webs would quickly subdue him.

1 Lady Iron Fan

Lady Iron Fan is a relatively new villain and one who hasn't gained significant experience against heroes like Spider-Man. She is talented in close-quarters combat, and could possibly out-skill Spidey in that department. However, Spider-Man would never let her get that close.

Lady Iron Fan can also control her weaponized fans, which are likely to slice at Peter and his webbing. However, they can also be webbed down, rendering them useless. With that danger taken care of, Lady Iron Fan wouldn't have much else to fall back on and would therefore be defeated. Lady Iron Fan should probably run while she has the chance.

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