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Every Version Of Resident Evil 4 Ever Released, Ranked By Metacritic Score
Every Version Of Resident Evil 4 Ever Released, Ranked By Metacritic Score,Resident Evil 4 is one of the best video games of all time, and it has been released and re-released on console after console throughout the years.

Every Version Of Resident Evil 4 Ever Released, Ranked By Metacritic Score

Years after the horrors of Raccoon City, Leon Kennedy makes his Resident Evil return in Resident Evil 4. Leon is tasked with the mission to rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham. However, what appears to be a straightforward mission turns out to be anything but. Leon's mission in RE4 differs greatly from his previous outing in Resident Evil 2, since RE4 begins a huge shift in the Resident Evil series by placing the camera over Leon's shoulder, a change from the static camera of previous Resident Evil games while also gearing the combat toward being action-based rather than horror-based.

These changes ultimately paid off, leading many to describe RE4 as not only the peak of the Resident Evil series, but also among the best video games ever created. It's easy to see why Capcom loves to port RE4 to as many systems as possible and why they put so much love and care into its 2023 remake. However, not all RE4 releases are created equal, and each version brings with it different highs and lows.

Updated on March 25, 2023, by Michael Colwander:Resident Evil 4's long-awaited remake has finally arrived, and it's been receiving rave reviews. This list has been updated in order to rank this remake against old versions of Resident Evil 4.


11 Resident Evil 4: PLATINUM (2009)

Metacritic Score: N/A

It actually didn't take long before Resident Evil 4 received a mobile version. Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition was initially released exclusively in Japan in 2005 for the N-Gage. In 2009, this mobile version of RE4 was later released on Apple iOS before receiving an updated version titled Resident Evil 4: PLATINUM.

RE4: PLATINUM is very much a stripped-down version of RE4. For example, nearly all of RE4's cutscenes are in the form of slideshow and text. While this mobile version of RE4 doesn't have a single Metacritic review, it does have a 6.1 user score, which is the lowest user score among versions of RE4.

10 PC Version (2007)

Metacritic Score: 76

Capcom's first attempt at a PC version of Resident Evil 4 didn't go smoothly. Released in 2007, the original PC port of RE4 is based on the PlayStation 2 version of RE4. Despite this and the advancements in visual capabilities on PC systems, the original PC RE4 actually had worse visuals than the PS2 version.

The original PC RE4 was also marred by the inability to use a mouse, which is bizarre considering one of the biggest issues many players had with RE4 was its control scheme. Players who wanted to use a mouse had to mod that functionality into this version of RE4.

9 Ultimate HD Edition (2014)

Metacritic Score: 79

Not satisfied with the original PC version of Resident Evil 4, Capcom would later release Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition for PC in 2014. This enhanced port of RE4 is based on the HD PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of RE4. Ultimate Edition fared slightly better than its original PC counterpart, but still faced technical issues and slowdowns.

Many of Ultimate Edition's issues were fixed in later patches. On top of that, Ultimate Edition also received no shortage of mod support such as the visually enhanced "Resident Evil 4 HD Project" or the ability to swap Ashley out with Resident Evil 3's Nemesis.

8 Switch Version (2019)

Metacritic Score: 80

It was only a matter of time before the popular Nintendo Switch received its own port of Resident Evil 4, which it did in 2019 along with HD remasters of the original Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0. Much like the Ultimate Edition, the Switch version of RE4 was based on PS3 and 360 versions of RE4 and didn't carry over the Nintendo Wii version's motion controls.

The primary appeal of the Switch version was the ability to take RE4 on the go through the Switch's portability. The biggest negative levied against this Switch port at the time of release was its price point. While other HD remastered versions of RE4 were priced at $19.99, the Switch version was $29.99. This price has since dropped to coincide with the HD remasters of RE4.

7 PS4 And Xbox One Version (2016)

Metacritic Score: 82 (PS4) & 76 (XOne)

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Resident Evil 4 doesn't do much to set it apart from other recent HD remasters of RE4. More than anything, it's simply a PS4/Xbox One version of RE4 for those who don't already have one of the many other versions of RE4 lying around.

The PS4/Xbox One version is based on the Ultimate Edition version of RE4, and with that comes a stable frame rate of 60fps and 1080p resolution. Even though the PS4 version of RE4 landed an 82 score on Metacritic, the Xbox One version was slightly lower at 76. This could be attributed to fewer review scores for the Xbox One version.

6 PS3 And 360 Version (2011)

Metacritic Score: 84

The PS3/360 version of Resident Evil 4 was released in 2011 and would serve as the basis for future RE4 ports. The PS3/360 version is actually based on the Wii version of RE4. Despite this, it didn't include motion controls. This was a true shame for the PS3 version, as Resident Evil 5 had PlayStation Move functionality.

In general, the PS3/360 includes nothing new compared to the Wii version other than its HD visuals. One minor flaw that could be said about the PS3 version is that it strangely doesn't include a platinum trophy in its trophy list despite every other Resident Evil port receiving one. This oddity would carry over into the PS4 version, but thankfully not with the remake.

5 Resident Evil 4 VR (2021)

Metacritic Score: 85

Resident Evil 4 VR was a surprise to many when it was announced and released for the Oculus Quest 2 in 2021. Few ever expected to play RE4 in the first-person perspective or in virtual reality. Much of the game's interface and structure was adapted to VR, such as Leon having a convenient utility belt of sorts where the player could look down, reach, and grab items and weapons.

However, the entirety of RE4 isn't in first-person. Cutscenes, including traversal scenes such as climbing a ladder, are still in third-person. They are viewed as if the player is in a theater watching the cutscene play out on a screen. Resident Evil 4 VR is a fun way to play the original RE4, and hopefully, it'll someday make its way to PlayStation VR 2.

4 Wii Version (2007)

Metacritic Score: 91

The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 is often considered the best version of the game. This is primarily due to how much better the controls are after implementing motion controls. This creates much smoother gun combat and motion-controlled quick-time events.

Beyond motion controls, the Wii version is based on the PS2 version, so Nintendo players can experience content that was never available on the GameCube version. For those who aren't a fan of motion controls, the Wii version supports the Wii Classic Controller and the GameCube controller.

3 Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

Metacritic Score: 93

When Capcom set off to remake Resident Evil games, fans dreamt of what a Resident Evil 4 Remake would look like. Remaking a beloved classic, both within the Resident Evil franchise and gaming as a whole, is a massive undertaking. It's safe to say that Capcom met the moment and developed what may be the definitive version of RE4 and an early favorite for Game of the Year.

RE4 Remake carries over the over-the-top nature of RE4 fans have come to love whether it's Leon's funny one-liners or his suplex. RE4 Remake does switch some things up in its narrative, but nothing anywhere near as egregious as removing the clocktower section from the already short Resident Evil 3 Remake.

2 Original GameCube Version (2005)

Metacritic Score: 96

The original version of Resident Evil 4 was released exclusively for the GameCube in early 2005 as a part of an exclusive deal between Capcom and Nintendo made years earlier that included titles such as the remake of the original Resident Evil as well as a prequel in RE0.

The development of RE4 wasn't smooth sailing, however, as RE4 went through many revisions. One of the attempts at making RE4 would actually be repurposed and released as Devil May Cry, kicking off another popular Capcom franchise. Thankfully, the RE4 that would eventually release for the GameCube was nothing short of amazing.

1 PS2 Version (2005)

Metacritic Score: 96

Despite Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami famously saying in 2002 that he'd cut off his own head if the game were released anywhere other than GameCube, RE4 was released for the PS2 less than a year after the GameCube version. Even though sacrifices would need to be made to the visuals such as no longer having real-time cutscenes, the PS2 version still stands alongside the GameCube version as the highest-rated version of RE4 on Metacritic.

The most notable addition to the PS2 version was an exclusive campaign starring Ada Wong titled "Separate Ways," which chronicles the events of RE4 from the perspective of Ada Wong. Other additions and enhancements include new costumes and a new Amateur difficulty setting for Japanese and European versions of the game.

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