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One-Punch Man Manga Set to Go on Hiatus for Nearly a Month
One-Punch Man Manga Set to Go on Hiatus for Nearly a Month,According to the series' illustrator, the beloved shōnen manga One-Punch Man will enter a brief publishing hiatus for approximately one month.

One-Punch Man Manga Set to Go on Hiatus for Nearly a Month

The One-Punch Man manga is on hiatus until next month.

The last chapter of the popular shōnen series came out on March 23. A few days later, the manga's illustrator, Yusuke Murata, who goes by @NEBU_KURO on Twitter, announced they would be "taking a break from work on the book." They also stated that the manga's next update would release on Apr. 20.


ONE's original One-Punch Man series began as an online webcomic in early 2009. In June 2012, Murata started working on a digital manga remake, serialized bi-weekly on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website. As of November 2022, its chapters received compilation into 27 tankōbon volumes. The manga's story revolves around a superhero named Saitama that trains himself so hard that he loses all his hair and develops godly strength, allowing him to take out most of his foes with just one blow. However, as the series progresses, Saitama encounters increasingly powerful enemies that put his strength to the ultimate test.

One-Punch Man Fans Can Look Forward to Season 3

One-Punch Man cultivated a massive following, selling over 30 million copies worldwide by April 2020. In October 2015, Madhouse released its popular anime adaptation. J.C. Staff took over production for the anime's second season, which premiered in April 2019. Last year, the studio confirmed that One-Punch Man Season 3 was officially in production. The upcoming season's promotional poster showcases Saitama standing alongside Garou, one of the primary villains of the "Monster Association" arc. Although there is no official release window, Season 3 has an expected premiere date of sometime in late 2023.

Even though ONE's One-Punch Man series is still ongoing, the artist has yet another comic in the works. Earlier this month, the cover for Vol. 1 of Versus, the author's next project, was unveiled on Twitter. One writes the story, while Tenkaichi artist Azuma Kyoutarou produces the illustrations. This manga promises to follow the action-packed tradition of One-Punch Man, as its plot revolves around 47 heroes fighting against 47 demon kings in a series of high-stakes battles. The newly-released cover features the series' main protagonist, a young man clad in armor with white highlights in his hair. Additionally, the cover revealed two other characters: a piggish-looking imp and a human with blue hair holding what appears to be a magic staff. Volume 1 of the series will release in Japan on Apr. 7.

The One-Punch Man manga is available in English from VIZ Media. Madhouse's anime adaptation is available on Netflix and Hulu.

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