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10 Most Important Things To Remember For Succession Season 4
10 Most Important Things To Remember For Succession Season 4,Succession Season 4 has premiered, but fans might have forgotten some of the nitty-gritty details that have brought the Roy family to this moment.

10 Most Important Things To Remember For Succession Season 4

The first episode of Succession's fourth and final season premiered its first episode on Sunday, March 26. After the unnerving cliffhanger of Season 3, people are understandably excited to see what powerful strategies will be set in motion this season.

Succession is known for its many plot twists and dramatic turns, and Season 3 was full of tension, scheming, and betrayal. It's impossible to keep up with everything that happens in such an eventful show, but it's important to remember certain key elements that are bound to resurface in the fourth season.


10 Kendall Backstabbed Logan

The second season of Succession ended with a thrilling cliffhanger. While Kendall was supposed to turn himself in for the crimes committed under Waystar RoyCo's supervision, he ended up accusing Logan. The third season he started, then, with Kendall trying to dethrone Logan once again.

However, the tensions were high, and Kendall didn't really have the upper hand, as he thought he did. Logan quickly regrouped outside the United States. On top of everything, Kendall failed to recruit any of his siblings or Waystar RoyCo shareholders.

9 Everyone Sided With Logan

This time, Kendall knew he had a better chance of becoming Waystar Royco's CEO if he got his siblings to work with him. While all of them considered the offer (behind Logan's back), ultimately, it didn't benefit them enough to have Kendall as CEO.

The Roy siblings thought they had more of a chance of obtaining power by siding with Logan. This led to a very divisive season since the Roy siblings were more separated than ever. Kendall worked from the outside, while Roman and Shiv fought for their father's loyalty.

8 Kendall Touched Rock Bottom

As one of the biggest losers on TV, Kendall once again touched rock bottom. After failing once again to take Logan out of the company, he became self-indulgent with his addictions. He managed to alienate his own family after a hedonistic and over-the-top birthday party.

His drinking and drug abuse became worse and worse up until the moment when Kendall almost drowned in a pool after drinking heavily. Finally cracking after three seasons, Kendall admits to Shiv and Roan that he killed a waiter during Shiv's wedding, and after an emotional conversation, they seem to grow closer.

7 Shiv And Tom's Relationship Went Downhill

One of the worst couples on TV, Shiv and Tom never had a conventional relationship, which Tom always resented. After their wedding, Shiv asked Tom to have an open relationship, which Tom never fully endorsed, but accepted. On top of that, Shiv has always been cold, and Tom always felt like Shiv didn't love him.

In the third season, things got worse because Tom wanted to have a child with Shiv, which the latter mostly refused. When she eventually accepted, she tried to have sex, entering a role-play scenario where she didn't love Tom, which apparently hit too close to home.

6 Connor Is Running For President

In one of the most absurd yet realistic turns in Succession, Conner decided to run for president. Even though everyone in the show thought he was ridiculous for even attempting something like that, it seems that Connor is actually gathering a solid amount of voters.

This may still be an important storyline during the fourth season, especially because Connor wasn't included in the plans to stop Logan from selling Waystar RoyCo. However, it's also possible that Connor will be focused on his wedding with Willow since the latter accepted his marriage proposal.

5 Logan Seems To Be Expecting A Child

While nothing has been confirmed yet, there's a strong suspicion that Logan is expecting a fifth child, who could become the actual heir of the company. The Roy siblings suspect Logan is dating his assistant Kerry, who is in her thirties. This is possible, considering Logan and Marcia's relationship has grown cold.

On top of everything, Connor believes that Logan is drinking a smoothie to become more fertile. While this sounds ridiculous, it would be just like Logan to have another child to spite his older children. Whatever the truth, the audience will likely find out in the fourth season of Succession.

4 Gerri Took Logan's Side

Gerri has been known for switching teams throughout Succession. She obviously tries to keep herself safe, so she never acts as openly as any of the Roy kids. However, she has worked under the table with Kendall, Shiv, and Roman. She actually created a very strong alliance with Roman at some point (on top of their creepy sexual relationship).

However, in the Season 3 finale, Gerri is shown working with Logan to sell the company behind his children's backs. Still, who knows how long this alliance will work since everyone knows Gerri's loyalties lie where she can reap the most benefits.

3 The Roy Siblings Teamed Up

After three seasons of backstabbing each other, in the last episode of the third season of Succession, the Roy siblings finally decide to work together to stop Logan from selling the company. Furthermore, they seem to grow closer emotionally after a heart-to-heart involving Kendall's regrets.

However, their efforts are stopped after Logan outsmarts them once again. This means the Roy siblings finally have one objective in common: taking back from the father what is legitimately theirs. This new turn of events has made Succession one of the most anticipated shows in 2023.

2 Tom Betrayed Shiv

As one of the worst TV characters, Tom's greediness reached the point of no return in Season 3 of Succession. After a very tense season for Tom and Shiv, where both characters grew increasingly distant, Tom finally puts the last nail in the relationship when he betrays her to gain Logan's loyalty.

When Shiv learns that Logan is planning to sell Waystar RoyCo, she calls Tom to tell him about the sibling's plan to stop him. At the end of the episode, Shiv finds out that Tom tipped Logan off, which gives him plenty of time to avoid his children messing up his plans.

1 Logan Sold Waystar Royco

Season 3 of Succession introduced Lukas Matsson, played by Alexander Skarsgård. Matsson is the CEO of GoJo, a tech company that Logan is interested in acquiring. However, against all odds, Logan ends up selling Waystar Royco to Matsson.

Logan is still supposed to keep working with Matsson, even though Matsson will be the CEO. This move effectively saves the company and takes all the Roy children out of the game, clearly becoming a significant threat to Logan. On top of everything, Logan managed to sell the company thanks to their mother's betrayal.

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