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Attack on Titan Cosplay Perfectly Captures Sasha’s Voracious Appetite
Attack on Titan Cosplay Perfectly Captures Sasha's Voracious Appetite,Attack on Titan's Sasha Braus is brought to life in this accurate cosplay of the perpetually hungry titan-slaying Scouts soldier.

Attack on Titan Cosplay Perfectly Captures Sasha’s Voracious Appetite

The beloved "Potato Girl" Sasha Braus from Attack On Titan is pictured perfectly in this cosplay — complete with snacks.

The cosplayer Asya recently took to Instagram to show off her rendition of the beloved Survey Corp member Sasha Braus. She uploaded two images of herself in the character's Season 1 – 3 costume, complete with the iconic cropped brown jacket with the Scout logo printed on the pocket and arms. Asya included Sasha's white shirt, white trousers and brown leather boots combo with her ODM gear braces. She finished the costume with a brown wig reflecting the character's unique hairstyle.


Besides the costume, Asya also went a step further by bringing the character of Sasha to the forefront. She did this through props, with the first shot showing her holding a large loaf of bread, capturing the gluttonous personality of the AOT supporting player. The following image shows her living up to her "Potato Girl" moniker as she takes a bite out of a potato while holding many more in her left arm. This action reflects the character's iconic introduction, which saw her eating a baked potato during a roll call at the Training Corps camp.

About Attack on Titan's Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus is one of the most beloved characters in the Attack on Titan series. She largely acted as comic relief thanks to her obsession with eating and upbeat personality, despite the intensity of the plot. However, she still played a key role in the fight for humanity, even ranking as the ninth-strongest member of the 104th Cadets after training.

Attack on Titan's first three seasons were produced by Wit Studio, with the responsibility of creating the show's "Final Season" going to Studio Mappa. This final season began in December 2020, being split into multiple parts, with the latest installment, "Attack on Titan The Final Season – Final Chapters – Part 1," releasing on March 3, 2023.

This latest hour-long installment saw the remaining members of the Survey Corp teaming up with old enemies in their pursuit to stop The Rumbling. It received widespread acclaim, with the death of a significant character causing a massive stir in the community. The second part of the "Final Chapters" and conclusion to the Attack on Titan anime has a scheduled premiere window in the fall of 2023.

The show is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

Source: Instagram