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10 Best Romance Paths In Video Games
10 Best Romance Paths In Video Games,Sometimes romance options in games can be a slog, but other times, they open up the game entirely.

10 Best Romance Paths In Video Games

Romance is a frequent story choice in video games. The popular image of gaming stories is one of violence, bloodshed, and non-stop action. However, many games include storylines with more emotion and depth as well. Romance is a popular choice. It adds a compelling human aspect to the narrative and fleshes out one or more characters in the process.

In particular, many games include optional romance paths the player can indulge in. It isn't a forced part of the story, but it's there for players who want to explore it. Despite not being part of the core story, many of these paths become fan-favorite parts of their games.


10 Thanatos


Hades stands out in the roguelike genre for many reasons. One of the factors behind its popularity is its focus on characters and their relationships. Hades boasts the same replayability and frenetic combat as most roguelikes. However, many fans enjoy its character development and dynamics just as much.

Thanatos is one of Zagreus' potential love interests in Hades. His path is popular with fans for the gameplay challenges that build up their relationship, his endearingly aloof personality, and how it reflects Zagreus' own development. Many also appreciate the unflinching representation of bisexuality and polyamory Hades offers with Thanatos.

9 Garrus Vakarian

Mass Effect

Dating and romance are two of Mass Effect's biggest draws. Every installment offers Shepard a roster of attractive crewmates to flirt with. Garrus Vakarian is a fan favorite who can join Shepard's crew in every Mass Effect game. It stands to reason that his romance is popular. However, it goes above and beyond in its quality.

Garrus cannot be romanced in the first Mass Effect. Instead, he becomes an option for a female Shepard from Mass Effect 2 onwards. As a result, players get to watch the relationship slowly build, compared to the more abrupt relationships available with other crew members. Garrus and Shepard's relationship starts with camaraderie and overwhelming respect before attraction enters the mix.

8 Leah

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers more than farming RPG gameplay. It also has a significant social aspect. The player can interact with every character in Pelican Town and form a friendship with them. With select villagers, this can go further. Leah is one of Stardew Valley's most popular love interests.

Every Stardew Valley romance path contains additional cutscenes exploring that character. In Leah's, the player gets to encourage her to follow her dreams, reassure her of her talent, and help her overcome some problems from her past. It's Stardew Valley's best blend of sweetness and dark themes when other romance paths can stumble in this regard.

7 Astarion

Baldur's Gate 3

Even in Early Access, Baldur's Gate 3 has won fans over with its romances. Its cast includes several morally ambiguous charmers for the player character to flirt with. All of them have found popularity with fans. However, the vampire Astarion offers one of the game's most compelling romances.

Most of Baldur's Gate 3's romance options are somewhat evil, and Astarion is no exception. He's condescending, violent, and open about his selfishness. However, his romance involves genuinely touching scenes of acceptance and his resulting shock. It's also an intriguing balance of indulgence and restraint. Astarion shows that even a dark and evil romance can have nuance.

6 Ranni The Witch

Elden Ring

A FromSoftware game is the last place fans expect to find a romance sidequest. However, one of Elden Ring's game-spanning storylines unlocks a new ending with a significant romantic edge. If the player goes out of their way to support Ranni the Witch in her plans, they become her Elden Lord and consort in the Age of Stars.

Elden Ring's Ranni the Witch romance is almost unique in video game relationships. It isn't just a case of picking the correct options in dialogue until love blossoms. It more resembles an epic from myth. The player has to go out of their way to be Ranni's champion. Many gamers are happy to do so.

5 Yennefer Of Vengerberg

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers players three paths for Geralt's love life. He can remain single and focus on his familial and platonic ties to Ciri and Dandelion. Alternatively, he can pursue either Yennefer of Vengerberg or Triss Merigold romantically. Both of these romances are well-written, entertaining, and very fulfilling.

However, Yennefer of Vengerberg's romance has more grounding in the franchise. She and Geralt have had an on-off love since The Last Wish, the very first The Witcher book. Wild Hunt clears up some of the baggage in their romance, such as the wish tying them together. It also completes the franchise's central family unit of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri.

4 Judy Alvarez

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has four romance options depending on V's body type and voice. Judy Alvarez is one of the most restrictive romances in the game, requiring both a female body and a female voice. Nonetheless, many fans think her romance path is more than worth exploring.

It helps that Judy is one of Cyberpunk 2077's most popular characters. Her design, voice acting, and role in the story contribute to her popularity. On top of that, her romance involves a lengthy process of bonding and healing throughout the game. Many players also approve of its tasteful and well-crafted intimate scenes.

3 Alistair

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is another Bioware game with a reputation for high-quality romantic subplots. In particular, the romance between a Female Grey Warden and Alistair is considered one of the game's best. Alistar is an endearingly noble and awkward character with genuine depths of heroism and heart.

Romancing Alistair involves helping him keep his high ideals or awakening him to the way the world works. Either one makes for a satisfying storyline filled with character development. Some consider a Female Human Noble romancing Alistair the best way to play the game. In addition, the romance can end on a shocking note as he forces the player to let him sacrifice himself.

2 Steph Gingrich

Life Is Strange: True Colors

The Life is Strange franchise is known for its character-driven storytelling. Steph Gingrich is one of two love interests Alex Chem can end up with in Life is Strange: True Colors. Both romances are well-written. However, Steph's character is so endearing, and the dynamic is so enjoyable that most players choose her.

Steph's romance path is so well-liked because it's new territory for Life is Strange. The player character is a flirty, outgoing individual, while Steph is more awkward and sweet. It also lacks the forced tragedy for LGBT+ pairings that plagues previous Life is Strange titles.

1 Dimitri Blaiddyd

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem has had romantic support conversations between characters for years. However, many recent titles have emphasized character dynamics and romance as critical parts of their storytelling. Fire Emblem: Three Houses has many choices for Byleth to romance. However, Dimitri is one of the most satisfying.

Dimitri's romance path feels surprisingly realistic in such a stylized franchise. He starts openly infatuated with Byleth. However, genuine respect and appreciation form between the two throughout the game. Byleth can see Dimitri at his most vulnerable and help him overcome his demons throughout their relationship.

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