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What If…? Could Introduce the Ultimate Universe’s Best Villain to the MCU
What If...? Could Introduce the Ultimate Universe's Best Villain to the MCU,What If...? could introduce an Ultimate Universe villain who is capable of single-handedly reshaping the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What If…? Could Introduce the Ultimate Universe’s Best Villain to the MCU

While What If…? gave audiences a look at the possibilities held within the infinite expanse of the Multiverse, fans of Marvel Comics have spent years seeing how the events beyond the bounds of any given reality can impact the lives of those who call it home. This is more true of the primary Marvel Universe than it is any other, save for that of Earth-1610. Better known as the Ultimate Marvel Universe, this alternate timeline reimagined fans' favorite heroes and villains in unforgettable ways. The next season of What If…? could bring the worst of them all to the forefront of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


When the Reed Richards of Earth-1610 first appeared in 2004's Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 (by Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar, and Adam Kubert), he wasn't all that far removed from his primary counterpart. Much like the original, this Reed was transformed alongside the rest of the Fantastic Four, albeit due to an interdimensional experiment rather than cosmic energies, before embarking on a storied career as one of the world's foremost superheroes. Unfortunately, Reed was left utterly crushed along with the rest of his world when Magneto's Ultimatum Wave struck New York, wiping out thousands in an instant and irrevocably changing the lives of millions more in the process.

Who is Marvel's Ultimate Reed Richards, aka The Maker?

Following Magneto's attack, The Fantastic Four disbanded, leaving a despondent Reed wondering what to do next. Eventually, his rage was compounded by an advanced warning that the world would be ending sooner than later thanks to Sue Storm in the identity of Kang. The culmination of all this was Reed murdering his family in a bid to fake his own death before taking up a new mission from the shadows. Although his early attempts at villainy in his home reality were thwarted, the Ultimate Reed Richards went on to make a new name for himself across the Multiverse as the Maker, and What If…? could easily make the MCU his next stop along the way.

Far from just another variant from another reality, the Maker has come to exemplify both the worst in Reed Richards and the best that a dimension-hopping villain has to offer. His role in Multiverse shaping events such as "Time Runs Out" and 2015's Secret Wars, which saw Incursions destroy countless universes before merging those of the primary and Ultimate Marvel, have already had demonstrably profound impacts across time and space.Considering the scale with which the MCU's What If…? usually works, there would be no better place for the Maker to be introduced on the small or silver screen.

What the Maker Could Mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

While What If…? is an anthology series without any need for an overarching plot threaded throughout its chapters, the first season proved that it could be done effortlessly in the form of Infinity Ultron. Although that particular version of the mechanized menace's story was a natural enough progression of the character, the Maker's existing story is already intrinsically tied to the Multiverse as a concept. This makes him an even better fit for such a scenario.

Of course, there is always the concern that without a primary Reed to play off of the Maker might fall flat. But the MCU made it clear that wasn't the case back in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. John Krasinski's Reed Richards of the Illuminati certainly wasn't the primary version of the character by any stretch, but that didn't keep him from offering an unforgettable performance. Short as his time may have been, Krasinski's Richards still didn't need any other version of himself to make an impact on the Multiverse. This means there is no reason the Maker wouldn't be able to do the exact same if given the chance.