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Star Wars’ High Republic Show Reveals Major Details About a Mystery Character
Star Wars' High Republic Show Reveals Major Details About a Mystery Character,Actor Jodie Turner-Smith discusses working on Disney+'s The Acolyte series and why she wasn't able to use an iconic Star Wars weapon.

Star Wars’ High Republic Show Reveals Major Details About a Mystery Character

Jodie Turner-Smith divulged a key bit of information about her role in The Acolyte, based on the weapon she never got to use on-set.

"I didn't get to use a lightsaber," Turner-Smith told Collider on filming her scenes for The Acolyte, though she hinted at wielding some item of importance before stopping herself. When questioned about her character's lack of a lightsaber — which takes place in the twilight years of Star Wars' ongoing High Republic period — the actor simply replied, "Because I am not a Jedi!"


In 2022, Lucasfilm provided a brief synopsis for The Acolyte's mystery-thriller premise, which follows "a former Padawan [who] reunites with her Jedi Master to investigate a series of crimes." The padawan character will reportedly be played by Amandla Stenberg, joined by an ensemble cast that includes Turner-Smith, Lee Jung-jae (Squid Game), Manny Jacinto (The Good Place), Carrie-Anne Moss and Dafne Keen, amongst others. Additionally, Keen revealed how this High Republic-era show will tie into events of George Lucas' prequel trilogy and the Galactic Republic's downfall, calling it "an explanation of how the Sith infiltrated the Jedi." Keen added, "It's a Sith-led story, which has never been done before."

Disney Gives The Acolyte a 2024 Release Window

The Walt Disney Company's CEO Bob Iger recently provided an update on The Acolyte's release, claiming that it will premiere sometime in 2024. Though he didn't offer any new details regarding its storyline or characters, Iger praised the show's overall quality, saying that it "looks brilliant." Similarly, former sequel trilogy actor Daisy Ridley shared part of her conversations with an inside source that claimed The Acolyte "is amazing."

While its official 2024 release date remains unknown, The Acolyte won't be the first piece of Star Wars media to adapt the High Republic continuity. The latest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trailer featured a hostile interaction between Cal Kestis and a mysterious individual whose gold robes and insignia overtly resemble a High Republic Jedi's attire. Disney also released three shorts for the upcoming cartoon Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, which follows multiple High Republic Jedi younglings as they train under Grandmaster Yoda's tutelage. Other High Republic-themed projects include Quantum Dreams' Star Wars Eclipse game, whose release date hasn't been announced yet.

The High Republic books, meanwhile, are currently in the middle of its Phase II arc, which takes place 150 years before the events of 2021's The Light of the Jedi. Its current lineup consists of novels Path of Deceit, Convergence, and Quest for the Hidden City — as well as multiple comics and the audio drama The Battle of Jedha — with more books set for release later this year.

The Acolyte is slated to premiere on Disney+ in 2024.

Source: Collider