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DC’s Latest Crossover Gives Batman And Alfred Superpowers
DC’s Latest Crossover Gives Batman And Alfred Superpowers,Alfred Pennyworth suddenly finds himself equipped with an unexpected superpower in a preview for the next chapter in the DC and RWBY crossover.

DC’s Latest Crossover Gives Batman And Alfred Superpowers

The following contains spoilers for DC/RWBY #2 from DC Comics.

Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth suddenly develops an unexpected superpower in a preview for DC/RWBY #2.

DC/RWBY #2 comes from writer Marguerite Bennett, artist Meghan Hetrick, colorist Marissa Louise and letterer Morgan Martinez. In a preview for the issue, several characters from the world of RWBY finds themselves being welcomed into the Batcave after they landed in the DC Universe in the previous issue. After some introductions to Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Batgirl/Barbara Gordon and Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Alfred (who is currently still deceased in DC's main continuity after he was killed by Bane in Batman #77 by Tom King, Mikel Janin, and Tony S. Daniel) appears with a plate of food and beverages that are even grander and more extravagant than the Bat-Family has become used to.



Alfred explains he appears to have developed the power to manifest whatever he needs out of thin air the moment that he needs it, which is confirmed by Blake Belladonna. "In our world — Remnant — those with souls have semblances, a special — well, I suppose you'd call it a superpower," Blake explains. "As the Grimm — the horrible black-and-white monsters from our world — spread, they're contaminating people with the natural laws of Remnant. Such as the possession of a semblance."

DC's RWBY Crossover Gives Batman His Own Superpower

Alfred isn't the only semblances who suddenly finds himself with powers in DC/RWBY as Bruce Wayne/Batman has developed a new ability as well — the power of precognition. "An ability to combine information in a way that permitted me to see an opponent's next moves," Bruce declares. Catwoman aptly points out that Bruce "pretty much" had the power prior to the Grimm's arrival; however, Batman says his precognition abilities are now strong than ever before. He also mentions this could potentially be a bad thing in the long run, noting, "If we become depending of these powers, the withdraw will be….acute."

The solicitation synopsis for DC/RWBY #2 reads, "Gotham is being overwhelmed by Grimm! They keep appearing in every corner of the city, and the only lead the Dark Knight has is the four mysterious girls he just met. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang explain to Batman and the assembled Bat-Family how they landed in Gotham. But just as some pieces start to coalesce, a horde of Grimm are converging on the worst possible location: Arkham Asylum!"

DC/RWBY #2 features cover art by Hetrick and variant cover art by Mirka Andolfo. The issue releases on Mar. 28, 2023, from DC.

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