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Pigeons to get a panelling
Pigeons to get a panelling,While a koala gets another chance.

Pigeons to get a panelling

“When the solar people did the rounds in our neighbourhood, it was for us a fait accompli – what with the green credentials and the eventual cost savings,” muses Stewart Copper of Maroubra. “They didn’t mention, however, that the panels also came with pigeons. The noise that they make on the roof belies their soft appearance. As a first step to moving them on, I’m currently waiting on a model hawk. If that doesn’t work, progressively more drastic action will be contemplated.”

“Forget about Kindle or Siri spying on you (C8),” declares Adela Parkes of Boat Harbour. “Wordle took it to the next level on Saturday with the day’s word being ‘voter’. Did I need someone at The New York Times reminding me to cast my ballot?”

“Is there any truth in the rumour that Donald Trump is claiming that the NSW election was stolen from him?” queries Peter Forner of Griffith.

“Living by Parramatta River with a cycle/pedestrian path, we regularly see interesting things,” writes Anne Cook of Ermington. “Today, it was an old tugboat called Koala, built in 1943. After decommissioning in 1947, she was used to move oil tankers in Gore Cove for about 20 years, then donated to the Maritime Museum who fixed her up. Just going for a stroll?”

“Seems everyone has a Morris Minor story (C8),” says Graham Lum of North Rocks. “My brothers and I were proud owners of a second-hand 1950 Morris Minor, which came with many challenges. The external driver’s door handle was missing, so we tied a rope to the inside handle and fed it behind the back seat into the boot, which was left unlocked. To open the driver’s door, we opened the boot and pulled on the rope. We then prayed that the car would start.”

Certain configurations are far from minor, reckons Paul Duncan of Leura: “Some years ago, I met a chap from the northern beaches who had shoehorned a 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 into his Morris Minor. He never had any problems keeping up with the traffic, either in town or on the highway. But he did go through a few diffs and gearboxes.”

“Never mind all this chatter about cars and birds,” says Edward Loong of Milsons Point. “C8 readers may be more interested to know that the name of the general manager of Dymocks is Page – Jon Page.
One for the books, eh?”

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