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7 Persona 5 Characters I’d Be Willing To Have As My Roommate
7 Persona 5 Characters I'd Be Willing To Have As My Roommate,I'll be moving soon, so I thought about which of our Confidants would make the best roomie.

7 Persona 5 Characters I’d Be Willing To Have As My Roommate

Most JRPGs have a social element to them, and Persona 5 is no exception. You take control of a strong-silent-type protagonist and follow him through a year in Tokyo serving his criminal sentence, during which you change the hearts of shady adults by kicking their demon butts in dungeons modeled after their darkest desires.

But that’s not all you do in Persona, though – there’s a small but lovable collection of friends for you to make during your year in metropolitan exile. You have ample chances to get to know these characters, and I've maxed everyone's social links a couple of times across my playthroughs – get to know them, I have.

As much as I love the people that I currently live with, I’ll be moving soon, and scrolling through apartment listings between play sessions with Persona has had me thinking – who’d make a good roommate, out of Joker’s confidants? I mean, whose rent would be on time? Who would be clean, quiet, and respectful of shared space? I kept thinking about it as I worked to change the hearts of Tokyo's most corrupt, and by the time I beat the game again, I’d drawn up a list of the P5 confidants with whom I could see myself living.

Spoiler – I can't explain why some characters would be good roommates without elaborating on their confidant rankings or events, so tread carefully if you haven't finished the game.


7 Goro Akechi

Okay, I know this is a hot take, but hear me out – yes, Akechi is sort of the worst, but once you know why, it’s tough not to feel at least a little bad for him. He’s harder to stomach in vanilla, but he’s got something of a redemption arc in Royal. I loved his social events; he was even almost pleasant when you saw him in Kichijoji. And please, don’t even get me started on Royal's endgame content, or I will start crying.

Besides, while he’s really mean in the Western adaptation, in the Japanese games, he’s presented to be more tired and burnt out instead – relatable. Not only that, but his whole thing is that he values free will, meaning he won’t be on my ass for stuff around the apartment, either. He’ll be gone, more often than not, and his rent will always be on time, so I could see this working out if we're patient with one another.

6 Shinya Oda

I really enjoyed Shinya, the middle school-aged kid you meet in the Akihabara arcade when you’re dealing with a cheater. It might be a lot to take in a kid who’s maybe 12 or so, sure, but if you've finished his confidant ranking, then you know why I want to get him away from his mother.

I could see myself taking Shinya in as something of an older sister. He’s much better adjusted at the end of his free-time events, and he really seems to look up to you. I think it’d be rewarding to help him through the awkwardness that I myself had to overcome at his age, too. I’d be on the hook for all the bills, sure, but I spent the time I was spending with him just wanting to help him out.

5 Haru Okumura

This game really was good at making you feel bad for the downtrodden, wasn’t it? When we meet Haru, we learn that her father has arranged a loveless marriage for her for business purposes. Nobody in Haru’s life seems to have HER best interests in mind, and while I do think she’d be a good roommate of her own accord, I also want to help her out of her situation.

And as a roommate, I think she’d be great. Coming from money, I’d never have to wonder about her half of the rent. And not only is she mature, quiet, and kind, she gardens, while I cook and bake, so we’d be eating good every single night.

4 Hifumi Togo

Our star shogi player, Hifumi, is another character I both love and feel bad for. You learn as you get closer to her that her mother has been fixing her matches in an attempt to bring Hifumi fame and fortune, but she doesn’t want that – she literally just wants to play shogi.

She’s got the money from her idol days to cover rent, I figure, and she’s happy to just hang out playing and chatting. The first time she loses a match after her mom stops fixing them, she’s excited, which I think shows how humble and mature she is. Leveling up her confidant also imparts a Knowledge point each time, too, so a friendship comprised of support and smarts doesn’t sound bad.

3 Tae Takemi

The goth doctor in Yongen-Jaya was the first confidant I leveled my first time playing P5 – she’s nearby, she’s helpful, and I thought she was cool. Public opinion on her is shaky, but you learn as you level her confidant that she’s actually just as smart as she seems, in addition to having a soft core within her hard exterior.

As a roommate, Takemi would be great. Her half of the rent would never be a question, and her career means she’d probably be gone more often than not. Not only that, but I still ask my friend who did a year of pre-med in college all my medical questions to avoid calling my actual doctor if possible, so having one living with me would expedite that process immensely.

2 Yusuke Kitagawa

I love Yusuke – I have several video game tattoos, and I've got the phoenix design he painted for the Yakuza boss in Shido’s Palace tattooed on my leg for my P5 piece. He reminds me a lot of my IRL best friend: they’re both kinda bitchy art boys with a dependable brand of quirk, a passion for what they love, and content to march to the beat of their own drums.

For all Yusuke’s eccentricities, he’s got a lot of endearing qualities as well. For example, he doesn’t see purpose in panic, meaning he’d be level-headed in any emergency we might face. He’s loyal, direct, and sincere in conversation, so we’d never mince words and could resolve living situation hiccups quickly. He'd be in his room painting more often than not, too, so I'd probably never see him. As long as he didn’t spend his rent money on lobsters for no reason, we’d be good to go.

1 Sojiro And Futaba Sakura

At first, I thought about living with these two separately, but as a father-and-adoptive-daughter package deal, I think it’s only fair to imagine myself moving into the Sakura household instead. Individually, I think the two of them would be the best roommates of anyone on this list, but I also think that they care too much about one another to part ways anytime soon.

Futaba’s story is bound to strike close to the heart of anyone who grew up awkward, like myself, so I could see the two of us commiserating and being friends. I’d help her break out of her shell if she’d like, with group outings or trips to Akihabara for tech stuff for the house, but I’m also happy to spend a quiet night playing video games or watching a show with her, too. I understand her need for alone time, and as an introvert, I'm more than happy to give it. And with the internet referring to Sojiro as Soji-bro more often than not, living with him would be peaceful, heartwarming, and full of delicious flavors. He’s understanding, compassionate, and willing to stick his neck out for those he loves, meaning I'd be in good hands. Hell, he took Joker in "as a favor to an old friend," with no further explanation offered, so he'd probably take me in, too.

All that said, if there’s spare room in their house when I move in a couple months, you can find me on my way to Yongen-Jaya.