Ex-Pentagon UFO Official Luis Elizondo Embraces ‘Zoo Hypothesis,’ Earth As Alien Prison
In a recent podcast appearance, former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, UFO advocate, and media personality Luis Elizondo explained his reasoning behind claiming that UFO mysteries have made him “somber.” His speculative ideas are

In a recent podcast appearance, former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent, UFO advocate, and media personality Luis Elizondo explained his reasoning behind claiming that UFO mysteries have made him “somber.” His speculative ideas are straight out of middle 20th-century science fiction, particularly the so-called “zoo hypothesis” that appeared in a number of stories at that time, imagining that Earth was essentially a zoo run by space aliens.

Luis Elizondo ran the secret UFO investigation program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATI) from 2007 to 2012 funded by the US government which spent $22 million from the $600 billion annual Defense Department budget.

Here is the transcribe of Elizondo’s comment on the zoo hypothesis:

“What if it turns out that there’s another species that is even higher on that ladder than we are? Do we need the social institutions that we have today, do we need government and religious organizations that we have today, if it turns out that there is something else or someone else that is technologically more advanced and, perhaps from an evolutionary perspective, more advanced? Have we been wasting our time all this time? Or are we doing exactly as we are supposed to be doing?
[What] if it turns out that mankind is in fact just another animal in the zoo? If we saw ourselves as the zookeeper before, maybe we’re just another exhibit inside the zoo? What would that mean to us?
So, when I say ‘somber’ or ‘sobering’, I mean there’s going to come a point in this conversation when we’re going to have to do a lot of reconciling with ourselves, whatever that means, from whatever philosophical background you have. This is going to impact every single one of us. And I think that’s important. Do we find ourselves in a situation that history may have to be rewritten? So that’s what I meant.”

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This is an outgrowth of Charles Fort‘s claim that some non-human intelligence essentially operates Earth as a prison or an ant farm to watch us, and it is the basis for the “prison planet” claims of some contemporary ancient astronaut theorists. He was also perhaps the first person to explain strange human appearances and dis appearances by the hypothesis of alien abduction, and was an early proponent of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, specifically suggesting that strange lights or objects sighted in the skies might be alien spacecraft.

Charles Fort. Image credit: Wikimedia commons

Note: the distinct echo of Christian millenarianism in Elizondo’s suggestion that the existence of aliens would require an overthrow of social, political, and cultural structures in favor of a new, more utopian world submissive to a superior heavenly power. It is difficult not to see his imagined Disclosure as the Christian Apocalypse of Revelation recast in secular, pseudoscientific terms.

A similar hypothesis can also be seen in the case of Matilda O’Donnell McElroy, Senior Master Sergeant Women’s Army Air Force Medical Corp. She claimed to have interviewed an alien named “Airl” who supposedly survived the 1947 Roswell crash. The entity told her where they had come from and why they came to the Earth. (Click here to read full information)

The author of the book Alien Interview, Lawrence R. Spencer claimed to have received a letter from Matilda where she disclosed information about the series of interviews with Airl. She wrote that the Domain Expeditionary Force, a race of beings, had been conducting operations in the solar system for the past 10,000 years and using the asteroid belt as an intergalactic base.

In the letter, MacElroy wrote: “Mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are contained in these documents: Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose on Earth? If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe why have they not contacted us? It is vital that people understand the devastating consequences to our physical and spiritual survival if we fail to take effective action to undo the long-standing and pervasive effects of alien intervention on Earth.”

Matilda O’Donnell McElroy

In her footnotes, Matilda wrote:

“Earth is a small planet of a rim star of a galaxy. This makes Earth very isolated geographically from the more concentrated planetary civilizations which exist toward the center of the galaxy. These obvious facts have made Earth suitable for use only as a zoological or botanical garden, or for it’s current use as a prison – but not much else.

Before 30,000 BCE — Earth started being used as a dumping ground and prison for IS-BEs who were judged untouchable, meaning criminal or non-conformists. IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated in electronic traps, and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”. Underground amnesia stations were set up on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains of Portugal, and in steppes of Mongolia.”

In 2009, a short CGI film, “The ex-Esma 2008” was released on YouTube by ESMA movies, in which a playful child (alien) with deviant behavior was turned into a human and exiled to Earth by ETs after he disturbed the peace on their planet.

The video has a strange concept but somehow, it is similar to what Elizondo, Charles Fort & Matilda said about Earth as a prison for I BEs who were sent here, encapsulated in electronic traps.


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