DC Puts Batman and the Joker in a Weird, Freaky Friday Situation
DC Comics' Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 puts Batman/Bruce Wayne and the Joker/Jack Napier in a weird, complicated Freaky Friday situation.

DC Puts Batman and the Joker in a Weird, Freaky Friday Situation

The following contains spoilers for Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5, on sale now from DC.

Batman and Jack Napier, also known as the Joker, find themselves in a complicated Freaky Friday situation in the latest chapter of DC's Batman: Beyond the White Knight series.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 comes from writer, artist and cover artist Sean Gordon Murphy, colorist and variant cover artist Dave Stewart and letterer AndWorld Design. Throughout the series, Bruce Wayne has unexpectedly found himself in the company of Jack/Joker, who died during Batman: Curse of the White Knight. Prior to his death, a microchip Jack stole from the Mad Hatter was inserted into Bruce's head, which then causes Bruce — and only Bruce — to see Jack wherever he goes.


In Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5, Bruce has a major confrotnation with Derek Powers and Terry McGinnis that results in Bruce having a panic attack. Needing to flee the scene due to a series of ongoing explosions, Jack manages to take control of Bruce's body while Bruce, meanwhile, takes Jack's place as the voice inside of his head. Wearing one another's costumes, Bruce instructs Jack how to use both his weaponry and newfound muscles to fight off oncoming enemies before they make an escape in a Batmobile.

A Complex Situation Grows More Complex

Once out of harm's way, Jack and Bruce rendezvous with Barbara Gordon and Harley Quinn. Seizing the opportuinty, Jack, who is still operating Bruce's body, tells Harley this may be the last time they're ever able to speak. "Maybe the only chance to say all the things I never said," Jack continues. "You're one of the smartest, strongest and most incredible women I've ever known. Gotham is such a dark place, but you've always been its brightest light. And I was blinded — that's the only excuse I have for not seeing it sooner, for not appreciating you." He goes on to confess his love for Harley and the two share a kiss; however, Harley is still under the impression she's talking to Bruce the entire time instead of Jack. "I love you too, Bruce," she responds. "I've loved you for a long time. And I didn't see it either. I might have blinded you with light, but you saved me from the dark."

Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5 features additional variant covers by J. Scott Campbell and Sabine Rich. The issue is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC