Halloween Ends Is Done Shooting – But the Director Keeps Changing the Ending
Halloween Ends has finished filming and is set to release this fall, but director David Gordon Green still does not know how to end the movie.

Halloween Ends Is Done Shooting – But the Director Keeps Changing the Ending

Even though the release of Halloween Ends, the appropriately titled conclusion to David Gordon Green's trilogy, is looming, the director still does not know how it is going to end.

"It changes every day," Green said when speaking with Empire about the ending of the highly anticipated slasher film. "'In theory, the picture is locked, but this morning I called the editor and said, 'What if we do this one thing…'" Green adds that the popularity of the franchise, which started with John Carpenter's 1978 film Halloween, adds pressure to bring about a satisfying ending. "I speak with John and Jamie Lee Curtis regularly about it," Green added. "It's exciting, uncertain, satisfying and sad. I've enjoyed the ride but it's probably time to get off. I think we're gonna go out with a bang."


Even though Halloween Ends is being marketed as a grand finale for the iconic franchise, original director John Carpenter recently stated the series may never end — as long as it keeps making money. Carpenter claimed he never expected there to be a sequel to the original Halloween, but one became inevitable after the 1978 film made so much money. Therefore, Carpenter recently said, "I guarantee you if Halloween Ends makes a lot of money, guess what? Just guess what."

Will the Halloween Series Actually End?

In the same interview, Carpenter doubled down on this belief and the important role a paycheck plays when deciding if they are going to revisit the Halloween franchise again. "I don't care about the Halloween sequels," Carpenter said. "I made the first one as a director, and that's the only one I care about except for the paycheck I get for the others. I hate to be that kind of a guy, but that's the truth."

Whether the Halloween franchise continues in the future, Halloween Ends is being advertised as the final showdown between the vicious villain Michael Myers and timeless scream queen Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The first official Halloween Ends poster was recently released, pinning the two iconic characters back to back. Based on the rating for Halloween Ends, fans can expect the bloody, brutal battle they've been waiting for since 1978.

Halloween Ends hits theaters and Peacock on Oct. 14.

Source: Empire