The 10 Most Beloved Characters From The Most Disliked Superhero Shows
Despite featuring in some poorly-received superhero shows, some characters still became beloved.

The 10 Most Beloved Characters From The Most Disliked Superhero Shows

Superheroes are so ubiquitous these days that even the most mediocre superhero movies or TV shows are definitely someone's favorite. While a superhero series' quality can be up for debate, it's hard to deny that even the most lackluster contemporary superhero show is leagues above the kinds that aired just a few years ago.

These superhero shows were poorly received, but they were saved by a certain character or two. Although it's highly unlikely that these series will ever be revisited in some way, they introduced audiences to some of the best-cast superheroes who were stuck with a bad show.


10/10 Bibleman Is Remembered Fondly For The Wrong Reasons


Bibleman isn't just one of those subpar original superhero shows made before the superhero boom, but it's a legendarily bad one. Besides poor production value and amateurish direction, Bibleman was also notorious for being shamelessly preachy with its hard sell of Christianity. Naturally, Bibleman himself became the subject of mockery.

While few people enjoyed Bibleman, the titular character became the gold standard for so-bad-they're-good and hilariously out-of-touch superheroes. Bibleman was homaged and spoofed by countless comedies, with the satirical Super going as far as having a blatant clone in The Holy Avenger.

9/10 Aquaman Became One Of The DC Fandom's Favorite Running Gags

Super Friends

Super Friends may have been a hit cartoon that helped turn DC Comics' most famous characters into household names, but it's an undeniably corny product of the '70s. The Super Friends and the Legion of Doom are dismissed as their respective heroes and villains' cornier past selves, with Aquaman being the only character people actually remember.

Although most people forgot about Super Friends, Aquaman's goofy adventures and powers were all but immortalized as punchlines and memes. Aquaman became one of the DC fandom's and canon's longest-running jokes thanks to this cartoon, but this stems from genuine amusement at his past self more than disdain or malice.

8/10 Batman And Robin Became The Icons Of A Bygone Style

Batman (1966)

Although it was arguably the biggest show in the '60s, Batman was dismissed as a "disgrace" to the Caped Crusader's legacy in the decades after its prime. For the longest time, Batman was cited as everything wrong with Batman and seen as a childish phase to outgrow. Despite its positive reevaluation, some still harbor disdain for the series even today.

That being said, even Batman's most cynical detractors couldn't hate Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward). While their campy show is something of an acquired taste, Batman and Robin (especially their actors) still command respect and are regarded as the embodiments of superheroes' more colorful and innocent days.

7/10 The Defenders' Chemistry Outshone Their Actual Crossover

The Defenders

Theoretically, a team-up of Netflix's Marvel heroes (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) was a dream in the making. In practice, however, The Defenders' first live-action crossover was an uninteresting overarching plot payoff. Nobody cared too much about The Hand, since what fans really wanted was to see The Defenders interact.

The Defenders was generic. Not helping were its bloated episode count and Iron Fist being the weakest link despite his importance to the plot. It's a testament to Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones' acting skills that their banter and fight scenes saved The Defenders from total obscurity.

6/10 Colleen Wing Was Iron Fist's Saving Grace

Iron Fist

In terms of quality, Netflix's MCU shows ranged from decent to great, but Iron Fist was unanimously declared to be the worst of the lot. Iron Fist wasn't well-received, as seen in its messy action and uninspired writing. If not for Colleen Wing (Jessia Henwick), most viewers would've completely written Iron Fist off.

Colleen started as Danny Rand's love interest and a supporting character, but she gradually stole the show thanks to Henwick's compelling performance and fighting prowess. Despite Iron Fist's weak reception, Henwick remains proud of her time as Colleen, so much so that she inspired a fanbase and is still hoping to reprise her role in the MCU.

5/10 Black Bolt Made It Into The MCU For A Reason


If the rumors are to be believed, the Inhumans' MCU debut only came to be because Marvel Entertainment chairman Ike Perlmutter really wanted them to replace the X-Men. Additionally, MCU showrunner Kevin Feige had no interest in making an Inhumans adaptation, so Perlmutter hurriedly greenlit a series.

Inhumans remains the least favorite MCU project to date. Its only redeeming factor is its talented cast, which is led by Anson Mount as Black Bolt. For all of Inhumans' faults, Black Bolt and Mount's passion were not one of them. Mount's dedication was repaid when he returned as the Inhumans' leader in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

4/10 John Constantine Outlasted His Short-Lived Show

Constantine (2014)

In theory, NBC's Constantine was the Hellblazer adaptation that fans had been waiting for ever since they were let down by the Keanu Reeves vehicle from 2005. Instead, Constantine was a watered-down retelling of one of Vertigo Comics' founding pillars. The 2005 movie's detractors became kinder to it with the benefit of hindsight.

The only thing that Constantine got right was its title character, portrayed by Matt Ryan. Ryan was practically DC Comics' most famous mage come to life, and he captured Constantine's look and vibe so perfectly that they became inseparable. Even after Constantine was canceled, Ryan reprised his most famous role many times across different DC shows.

3/10 Barry Allen Maintained Fans' Goodwill

The Flash

An unfortunately common consensus regarding The Flash is that it suffered a massive drop in quality, even though it started as one of The CW's best superhero shows. The Flash enjoyed a nine-season run and is set to formally conclude in 2023, but even the show's most passionate fans feel that this finale is long overdue.

One of the few things that viewers agreed was great was Grant Gustin's performance, so much so that his fans campaigned for him to either cameo in the DC Extended Universe or even replace the controversial Ezra Miller in the role. As much as The Flash trailed off, Gustin's time as the eponymous speedster will be missed.

2/10 Kate Kane's Time In The CW Was Too Short

Batwoman Season 1

To say that Batwoman had a rough start would be an understatement. Besides its overly familiar origin story, Batwoman had such a chaotic production that its star, Ruby Rose, left after one season and the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Rose elaborated on her departure by accusing the producers of unethical practices, which they denied.

Although her time as The CW's Dark Knight was too short, Kate was still one of her shared superhero universe's best newcomers. Through Rose's acting and fighting skills, Kate breathed new life and edge into The CW. It's hard not to imagine Batwoman being a better show if its production was better and if Rose stuck a bit longer.

1/10 Ryan Wilder Wasn't A Bad Legacy Hero

Batwoman Seasons 2 And 3

After Ruby Rose left Batwoman due to backstage conflicts with the showrunners and producers, the titular role was left vacant. Instead of halting the show, Batwoman was rewritten to give Kate Kane a successor. The CW's second Batwoman was Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), and she was the unfortunate victim of squandered potential.

Ryan was a big step forward in representing LGBTQ+ women of color, and she was amazingly brought to life by Leslie. Batwoman's writing, however, didn't take advantage of her potential. Instead, the show gave her the safest and most generic plots and developments possible. Batwoman got a lot of things wrong, and wasting Ryan was its biggest mistake.

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