May 18, 2022
Animal Crossing Song Played On Ukulele & Kazoo While Fan Rides Unicycle
An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan shared an incredibly unique cover of turtle Kapp'n's music using a kazoo and ukulele while riding a unicycle.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan shared a magnificent rendition of an in-game Kapp’n song this week, performing the tune with a kazoo and ukulele while riding a unicycle. Animal Crossing‘s soundtrack has received frequent praise from fans, with the game providing both amazing ambient music and songs sung by NPCs. The popular simulation game is one of Nintendo’s best-selling titles, selling over 37 million copies since its release in March of 2020.

A friendly turtle named Kapp’n has been a constant in the Animal Crossing series since its first entry. Although his role in each game varies, every encounter with him involves some form of transportation. During most trips, Kapp’n will sing the character a sea shanty wherein he will typically wax poetic about love, life, and family. In New Horizons, Kapp’n offers boat tours that players can take for 1,000 Nook Miles. These Kapp’n tours can sometimes take players to an island with special Animal Crossing crafting materials that may be out of season. During the voyage, Kapp’n will serenade the player, and users can even clap along to the tune.

Reddit user UnicycleMusicHuman shared a very unique cover of Kapp’n’s music, performing the song with a ukulele and kazoo while balancing on a unicycle. The user performs the full-length song, impressively balancing for about a minute and a half while multitasking with the two instruments. Their attire perfectly matches the chaotic energy of the production, with mismatched colors and a frog hat fitting in nicely with their performance. The user never misses a beat, utilizing both the kazoo and ukulele with expert skill.

This wonderful performance really captures the lighthearted and jovial nature of Animal Crossing. The whole tone of the series is colorful and silly, which the performer nicely captures through their clothes and the absurdity of the performance. In terms of musical NPCs in Animal Crossing, famous performer K.K. Slider’s music mostly overshadows Kapp’n’s musical stylings, and it’s refreshing to see a performance that is focused on Kapp’n instead. Although K.K. Slider’s music is more diverse in terms of style, Kapp’n’s lyricism is a delightful accompaniment for player boat rides.

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This inventive Animal Crossing music cover is an extremely unique take on Kapp’n’s music and is bound to bring joy to many fans. The music of the Animal Crossing series has always been something that makes the game stand out, offering an extremely large catalog of songs – for example, there is a different composition for every hour of the day and over 100 songs offered by K.K. Slider. Although Kapp’n’s songs may be a bit simpler than K.K. Slider’s, the addition of the beloved turtle with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update was a delight for many long-time fans, and this cover is the perfect tribute to his sea shanties.

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