July 5, 2022
WWDC last-minute rumors: Apple Store down, Mac Pro, MacBook colors, more
Everything you need to know about the big show.

With just hours to go before Apple’s WWDC keynote kicks off, the rumors are still coming in. Stay tuned to this post as we continue to track the latest developments and rumors as we count down the hours to the big show.

WWDC: How to watch

You can watch the WWDC keynote using the TV app on your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or Mac, or by heading over to the Apple Events page in Safari. Or you can watch the event on YouTube below.

WWDC: Last-minute rumors

Apple Store is down: As usual, Apple has taken down its online store in preparation for today’s keynote. The message is different—instead of “Be right back,” with an Apple logo, there is a WWDC image, with “Developing news” title. Underneath it says “We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back after the event, streaming on apple.com or on the Apple TV app. It’s notable that this is the first time since 2017 when Apple took down the Apple online store during a WWDC keynote. That year, the HomePod and iMac Pro were revealed but didn’t ship until much later.


MacBook Air: Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo agree that Apple is planning to launch a redesigned MacBook Air at WWDC. However, it might not come in the variety of colors we’ve been expecting. Gurman says rumors of an array of new colors are “probably exaggerated” and Kuo says the new laptop will come in “three standard color options (silver, space gray, gold), plus [probably] one new color.”

Adding more fuel to the rumor fire, a listing for a 14-inch MacBook Air with an M2 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage was discovered at B&H Photo. However, a tweet by Shawn C. Steiner, who identifies himself as a B&H Senior Manager of Web Creative Content, says B&H has previously made product listings that are “guesses based on rumors” (more on that in a bit), and that could be what’s happening here and with the…

13-inch MacBook Pro: Gurman says the schedule for the 13-inch MacBook Pro has been “thrown off” due to the supply crunch and will likely launch sometime in the fall. 9to5Mac also uncovered a listing at B&H Photo for a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 processor, but again, this is probably a B&H guess based on rumors.

These aren’t real SKUs. Preemptively made before the last event and not properly removed. All guesses based on rumors.

— Shawn C. Steiner (@ShawnCSteiner) June 5, 2022

Mac mini tower: Another B&H Photo listing, this one for a Mac mini tower with 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and an M1 Pro processor. A B&H representative says this listing was made as a guess for “the last event” and was never removed from the site.

M2 Mac mini: One more B&H Photo “guess” listing that was never taken down, this one is an M2 Mac mini with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Mac Pro: Ian Zelbo, the artist responsible for Front Page Tech’s Apple concept illustrations, reckons B&H has also given away the imminent release of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro by labeling the current model as “Item Discontinued.” (We haven’t been able to corroborate this, however. All models of Mac Pro that we can see on there show up as available to buy, with expected delivery ranging from two to eight weeks.)

They might have also leaked that an Apple Silicon Mac Pro is imminent… Current Mac Pro is showing as discontinued. https://t.co/2NyAstVaKk pic.twitter.com/WcMPSmV9oo

— Ian (@ianzelbo) June 5, 2022

Zelbo also claims Apple has set its Mac Pro intro video on YouTube to private, which could be a further clue to a new Mac Pro.

AR headset: While there has been some hope that Apple would offer a preview of its upcoming AR headset, reports are now saying it’s unlikely to make an appearance at the event.

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