June 28, 2022
Destruction AllStars Announces New Game Modes and Events for PS Plus Service – PlayStation.Blog
Hi everyone, the team at Lucid have been working hard on Destruction AllStars over the past few months and it's great to see the lasting impact of our huge

Hi everyone, the team at Lucid have been working hard on Destruction AllStars over the past few months and it’s great to see the lasting impact of our huge January patch on the game and the community. ours! On the back of the recent announcement that Destruction AllStars is available on PlayStation Plus for Extra and Premium/Deluxe members as part of the new Game Catalog benefit, we’re here with a brand new trailer to announcing the next exciting new seasonal content for the game!*

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Rise will launch with the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service in Europe this June. The event will also host our first community challenge where the entire community can work together towards a common goal, unlocking exclusive cosmetic rewards for the entire community. enjoy. You’ll find all of this and more in our latest trailer, which we highly recommend you check out.

Our first event is also adding a brand new game mode called Jumpshot to Destruction AllStars. It’s a team game mode that requires you to think fast on your feet and behind the wheel when scoring with the help of the team. Check out the trailer for a first look at this brand new mode.

In our upcoming patch, we’re not only adding loads of new content, but we’re also upgrading some of our existing game modes. Check out Blitz, our competitive game mode, where we introduce competitive seasons for the first time! In our competitive system, we have improved the ranking system to better track your skill level and compare you to competitors with similar skills. We’ve also added brand new and prestigious cosmetic bonuses that you can earn exclusively from Blitz playlists, letting all the other AllStars know who’s come out of a competitive season as a champion. How to be the champion! Blitz is available on weekends during Destruction AllStars, and each competitive season lasts for six weeks, all meant to make a lasting impression in a short amount of time if you want to draw audiences to your side.

As we get ready to welcome a bunch of new players and to celebrate our joining the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog library, the team at Lucid want to make sure we reward players who have supported the game. since we launched last year. So we’re happy to announce that everyone who played the game prior to the launch of the new PlayStation Plus service will receive a founders bundle as we say thank you. You’ll be able to get this bonus for free from the in-game store, and it features some exclusive cosmetics to help you showcase your skills and experience.

All of this and more will come on top of the big patch we released in January of this year. Our January patch was an absolute monster to the game, we really drilled into a lot of core systems like collisions, nets, smashes and scoring to really tighten up the gameplay experience. game. Not only that, we’ve also enhanced the look and feel of the game, with a brand new main menu experience along with awesome new VFX to compliment all your actions in the arena, such as dodging, crashing slamming, double jumping and more! On that note, I think my favorite change is to give AllStars the ability to double everytime! It’s done as part of an extensive balancing process on all 17 of our AllStars and it really enhances your level of agility and agility in the arena.

It’s an exciting time for the game and our community as we head to PlayStation Plus and get everything ready for our latest event, Rise, which launches on June 22. Hope you can join us in destroying some vehicles and try out our brand new game mode, Jumpshot. It’s all in our latest trailer, with more news and information in the making!

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