May 16, 2022
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness changed Doctor Strange a lot - complicating the search for an Avengers 5 team leader even more.

WARNING: Major SPOILERS ahead for Doctor Strange 2!

Without Tony Stark’s Iron Man or Steve Rogers’ Captain America, the team needs a leader in Avengers 5, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has made predicting who it will be even harder. The MCU has been shaken up since the events of Avengers: Endgame, with existing heroes taking up new mantles, new heroes being introduced in both film and television, and even beloved superheroes becoming horrifically evil. On top of the many other candidates, Doctor Strange 2 has solidified another option for the team leader in Avengers 5.

By the end of Doctor Strange 2, the former Sorceror Supreme has learned some valuable new lessons while also breaking some important rules. Although Strange helps guide America Chavez in evading the Scarlet Witch, he also uses the Darkhold, which will likely have some serious consequences. Even though he now has a third eye and is adventuring with newcomer Clea, played by Charlize Theron, there is no doubt that Doctor Strange will once again be assisting the Avengers when Avengers 5 comes around. Several key Avengers were lost during the events of Endgame, so new heroes are going to have to step up in order to take down whatever new force threatens the universe.

Characters like Sam Wilson’s Captain America and Captain Marvel have been picked by fans to lead the team in Avengers 5, but Doctor Strange 2 actually makes Strange himself a strong contender. By the end of the film, Strange has become far more mature as the result of his conversations with various variants of Christine. Strange’s ego was one of the main things in his way of leading the team, as was exemplified by Strange-838’s handling of Thanos. Now that Strange has deflated his big head, he may be the exact leader the Avengers need. On top of that, Doctor Strange has also proven that he can lead and inspire young heroes, as was shown by his interactions with the ultra-powerful America Chavez. Strange works through most of his biggest flaws in Doctor Strange 2, meaning that he is now the type of leader that could helm the Avengers in Avengers 5.

Doctor Strange also functions as a great Avengers leader because of his status and power level. Although he now will work alongside a team, he still thinks pretty highly of himself, something he has in common with former Avengers leader Tony Stark. Doctor Strange is also one of the MCU’s highest-profile heroes as of now, another quality that makes him ripe to fill the Iron Man role. A potential Avengers leader would need to be incredibly powerful, which is why some want Eternal‘s Sersi in Avengers 5. However, Eternals is not the most beloved Marvel movie, so it is doubtful that Sersi would be put in such a major role. However, Doctor Strange is just as, if not more powerful than the Eternals while also being beloved by most MCU viewers, meaning he would be a great choice for an Avengers 5 leader.

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Doctor Strange 2 has made Doctor Stephen Strange just another candidate on the list of many potential Avengers leaders, but he is starting to seem more likely. Although the threat in Avengers 5 is currently unknown, it will likely be related to the Multiverse, something Strange has dealt with in two films now. However, there is still a long time until Avengers 5, meaning that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has made the ever-growing list of candidates even longer.

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