May 18, 2022
Bachelor In Paradise: Jenna Cooper 'Stronger' After Jordan Kimball Scandal
Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper’s life was rocked by harmful fake cheating allegations, she's now opened up about the ‘hurt’ they caused.

Recently, Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper spoke about the cheating scandal that rocked her life in 2018, and how it ultimately made her “stronger.” Jenna was introduced to Bachelor Nation on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor, but most fans know her from Bachelor in Paradise season 5. Jenna met blonde male model Jordan Kimball and the two hit it off instantly. Jordan was a bit of an oddball—playful, a little flamboyant, and constantly ruffling feathers. The pair had intense chemistry, and while other contestants didn’t really “get” Jordan, Jenna did. The two made a really sweet pair, and they even ended the season with Jordan proposing and Jenna emphatically saying yes.

Not too long after the proposal aired, text messages between Jenna and a mystery man leaked. The screenshots showed Jenna bragging about using Jordan for fame, and seemed to allude to her even cheating on him. From the beginning, The Bachelor in Paradise star swore the screenshots were fabricated, but it was too little too late. Jordan had lost his trust in Jenna and ended up canceling their engagement. In recent years more evidence has come out that has confirmed the text messages were completely fake, though the damage was already done. Jenna’s since found a life partner in her now-husband Karl Hudson, and last year the two introduced their beautiful baby girl Presley to the world.

While visiting the Here For The Right Reasons podcast, Jenna opened up a bit about the scandal, “I don’t think there is a form of justice possible [or] that could heal or fix me completely—or my family who unfortunately had to deal with that, which I hate.” The entire scandal was a part of a smear campaign spearheaded by two anonymous women. The main reason the messages gained any traction was due to Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve’s reporting. Years after the initial scandal Reality Steve even issued an apology to Jenna, once the pair got together and were able to piece together how this whole thing happened, “I know a lot more than I’ve shared, but there’s even still things I’m figuring out. It is the weirdest, creepiest [situation], like mysterious stalkers, psycho, lots of narcissists involved.

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Despite the turmoil Jenna experienced, losing Jordan’s trust and being bashed on the internet for something she never did, she swears she’s “a lot stronger” now, adding “I can appreciate what I got out of it, but it just hurts.” For Jenna, it’s not very surprising a scandal of this caliber would come out of a hit show like The Bachelor. Every season there are various “villains” and people who have no choice but to take the bulk of the criticisms that are coming their way. The only difference is Jenna didn’t actually do anything and still wasn’t allowed to defend herself, “You’re not really allowed to stand up for yourself [at the time], and looking back, I probably could have a little bit more, but I just kind of took it.

Bachelor In Paradise is a dramatic show, and sometimes fans would rather believe in the scandal of it all than the truth. Jenna’s been able to move on and start a beautiful family, but her family is also forever scarred from this event. She was let down at every turn, from Jordan to the franchise, to Bachelor Nation. It’s only by her own strength that she’s been able to pick up the pieces and craft her own “happily ever after,” and it couldn’t be more deserved.

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