May 16, 2022
Pet insurance is "worth it" if you can afford the cost of the insurance, but can't afford an emergency vet bill. However, the best plan is to adopt a pet only

Is pet insurance worth it? – We asked [33] Dog Owners and Here’s What They Said

Pet insurance is “worth it” if you can afford the cost of the insurance, but can’t afford an emergency vet bill. However, the best plan is to adopt a pet only if you can afford the veterinary care and set aside a special savings account for emergency pet care. – Louise

Very worth it. I have Nationwide. It used to be VPI. It doesn’t cover everything, but it’s very useful. More then paid for itself with my first two dogs. I don’t need it much with the two of you right now but if anything happens, I won’t hesitate to get the best treatment I can. It’s really helpful. – Beth

Yes it is worth it. But you need to shop wisely for it. I have care credit to be used as needed. There is no treatment of exclusion because it is up to me! Great rates and options for payback. Saved my bank account a number of times. – Jennifer

Always worth it with my former pet, Louie (French mastiff) and current pet, Lucy (dachshund).

It’s more than it pays for itself each time. Unless you can’t get $10,000 for an emergency surgery, I recommend getting pet insurance. Healthy feet I highly recommend!!! – Lion

My vet once said…my “Dogs is expensive” account. No matter what the pet insurance premium will be… let’s say $100… put that amount in a “DAE” account monthly. If you’re coming at the end of the year, throw that money out….then if you need a big sum, you’ll have it, and if you don’t, the $ is in your pocket, not the company’s. insurance company… Whatever you decide..good luck! – Peggy

Not with my last dog. I paid 17 years and never claimed. With both, I definitely have now. My JR managed to get hold of a dog toy that got stuck in her intestines – the expensive item was well worth it, however. I don’t like the fact that even though both of my dogs are young, the premiums have nevertheless gone up. 3 & 2 are not senior dogs. – Kits

Before just checking quotes, check with your veterinarian or those in your area. One problem with many pet insurance is that it can really affect how much a veterinarian or clinic may charge for a service based on what they may have to pay or what they need. do to get paid. For example a basic xray fee might be $100 if you pay for it yourself but assuming you use insurance A could cost the clinic a lot a year for membership or require too many documents or taking too long to pay could increase the fee to $130-150. Then, if you have a deductible, you’ll have to pay more. Your veterinarian will also know which ones are more reliable for your area and for your breed’s needs. – Candi

I would never have had a pet without insurance. Too risky for sudden and age related injuries/health problems. Daily checks and vaccines are incidental expenses compared to many things that can go wrong.
– Holly

I am furious that insurance companies have now made pet ownership incredibly expensive. Once the insurance companies get into this equation, the price of everything goes “through the roof”. I wish these monsters would be managed and insured, healthcare NO PROFITS!!!!!! – Rhonda

Having healthy feet has been great. My Boston had to take continuous eye medication for about 6 years and 2 surgeries. I have 80 percent and they pay immediately. – Lynda

Worth it if you plan ahead. One of my dogs that I adopted and insured a year later and insurance denied EVERYTHING…even an ear infection at 10 years old, as a condition he had since he contracted it when he was 10 years old. only 3 years old. My other dog I got coverage right away (lesson learned!) And that was a huge benefit because ten years later he had substantial medical expenses covered at the rate. 90%. I couldn’t be more grateful for insurance – Shannon

Definitely worth every penny! Our Shitz tore her ACL, swallowed my husband’s hearing aid, put everything in her mouth!!! We have Healthy Feet. Very pleased. Just wish we went with 90% coverage instead of 80%. Get it BEFORE they crash!! – January

Not worth it. I love my kids but, it’s like life insurance, Hardly worth it. Most likely anything your pet has insurance won’t cover that, so you’ll still pay ying yang. So here we are paying ying yang insurance and still paying the vet high dollars. – Nancy

It’s correct. My sweet hound has allergies. The coverages are $73. The Apoquel prescription plus everything else matters. She’s got a cough because of the medicine and the bill is over $400. Glad we have insurance. – Pamela

It’s correct! In 10 years, I have never had to use it. Then my dog ​​became very ill and needed to go to the veterinary hospital. She was diagnosed with diabetes and cushings and the cost for all the drugs and tests she had to go through until we got her adjustment was exorbitant. With insurance, I got most of it back. – Erica

Valuable! Preventive/wellness services are not usually included in accident/injury plans, but most insurance carriers offer that service separately (for more money). Get insurance as soon as possible when you get a pet…conditions exist that are almost never covered and the older the dog, the higher the costs. I was on Nationwide through my previous employer. The plans were supposed to follow my pet for life, after I left work, but (short story) the plans were cancelled. So now I’m getting new coverage through ManyPets for a dog that was 9 years old when I got the Nationwide plan, but is now 13 – with pre-existing conditions. For all three of my dogs, that’s about $235/month (that’s with optional wellness packages added to each one). But if anything happens to any of my “kids,” I have to pay a $250 annual deductible, then ManyPets covers 80% – no lifetime limit. – Andrea

It’s correct. It’s worth it. You never know what could happen. I see so many people who have raised money for me to help animals when insurance will cover it. Fyi, Trupanion is a bit more expensive but can pay a Veterinarian directly if a Veterinarian is registered on their system. I have 2 dogs and my 2 cats are covered. – Blythe

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