May 16, 2022
In addition to the wallet product, the two companies are launching a Family DAO platform.

Cameron Thompson

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From family meetings to Family DAOs.

Blue Studios said Thursday it is launching Wallio, a non-custodial family crypto wallet. The product stems from the company’s partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a Web 3 domain provider.

Unstoppable Domains’ Sandy Carter told CoinDesk in a phone interview that the goal of the shared wallet is to promote “multigenerational diversity” through a product that comes with tools to educate children and grandparents alike.

Families who sign up for Wallio ahead of its Q3 launch will be able to create a shared crypto wallet to deposit and receive digital assets. One family member will set up a profile and can add up to six additional accounts for the other family members.

Carter said the tie up with Unstoppable Domains lets family members create individual addresses with a name rather than a sequence of numbers, to prevent “getting rugged by typing in long addresses.”

Family crypto

Wallio isn’t the first family-oriented crypto wallet. Family investment application EarlyBird launched EarlyBird Crypto in January, a crypto extension of its original product for families to deposit digital assets into their children’s accounts.

However, Wallio differs in that it aims to prioritize education on digital assets. Blue Studios will implement its play-to-earn and learn-to-earn technologies, where families can play games and complete modules to earn ether (ETH). According to the website, 3 ETH have been rewarded so far.

Providing family access to a crypto wallet raises concerns as to who gets to decide on what assets are sent and received. Not only will Wallio allow for users to establish controls on which members of the family can do so, but it will come with the ability to establish a Family DAO.

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The Family DAO, inspired by a listener of Carter’s Twitter Spaces, will allow families to create a governance token for members to vote on measures pertaining to the wallet. Such measures include what tokens to invest in or what NFTs to purchase.

“There’s a lot of people talking about Web 3 but not a lot of people doing it,” said Carter, who hopes to inspire families to set up shared wallets and DAOs and learn by doing.

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