May 18, 2022
Bridgerton: 10 Of Queen Charlotte's Most Elaborate Outfits, Ranked
As fashionable and stunning as characters like Daphne and Kate were on Netflix's Bridgerton, it was Queen Charlotte who had the most elaborate looks.

This past April, Netflix shared that Bridgerton’s Queen Charlotte was getting a spin-off that dissected Charlotte’s youth and rise to queen. The origin story is currently filming and will show Charlotte throughout the years. 

On Bridgerton, The light doesn’t shine brightly on Charlotte because of the Bridgertons and Featheringtons but as the queen, she has a large say in what happens around the town. At every event, Queen Charlotte shows up in impeccable gowns and even more gorgeous wigs. From the jewelry to the color schemes, Queen Charlotte is one of the best-dressed characters on Bridgerton. 

10 No Accessory Is Forgotten

In ‘Shock and Delight,’ the queen wowed in these pearl earrings and matching necklace. What was better, however, was the ruby-colored dress that matched the ribbons in her hair. The amazing thing about Charlotte is that she never failed in the accessory department, bringing the whole look together.

In this episode, Daphne and Simon were at odds when Simon refuses to go forward with their plans to fool others into thinking they were together. Even Lady Danbury pressured Simon not to mess up his chances with Daphne.

9 The Queen Is Never Wrong

In ‘Oceans Apart,’ Daphne went home from her honeymoon early when she and Simon hit a rough patch. It’s in this episode that the queen assumed the couple would be having a child within the year. And while that seemed far-fetched at the time, season 2 proved the queen’s words to be true.

Queen Charlotte is one of the more likable (albeit intimidating) characters because of her love of gossip and hierarchy. However, she did not like being wrong or being made a fool, especially when she looked this gorgeous in a violet-colored dress and blonde wig.

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8 Rubies & Pearls

In season 2, Queen Charlotte was seen reading Lady Whistledown in a gold and maroon dress. What was more stunning were the rubies on her ears, neck, and wrists. Unlike other looks, Charlotte kept her wig rather tame than in other scenes, giving full attention to the jewelry she was wearing.

In ‘Harmony,’ the queen was still unsettled after Anthony and Edwina canceled their wedding, and things only got worse when she read more drama in Lady Whistledown.

7 Yellow With Hints Of Blue

Is there anything more royal than this look? Wearing a yellow petticoat over a golden, paisley gown, Charlotte looked supreme while sitting on her throne. If viewers look closely, there’s baby blue trim on her sleeves and down the coat. 

Charlotte wore this look in season 1’s ‘The Duke and I’ when Daphne and Simon made their plea to get married with her blessing quicker than normal. To Charlotte, Simon told her that he and Daphne were soulmates who had a solid foundation because of their friendship. In the end, Queen Charlotte obliged.

6 Peachy In Pink

One of the things that fans loved most about season 2 was this look on Charlotte. The pink and peach colors paired beautifully with her makeup. What’s more, the simple yet delicate choker she wore matched the design in her hair.

In the premiere of season 2, the queen chose her Diamond of the season and Anthony decided he was going to choose a wife to fulfill his family’s needs. All the while, Charlotte wondered what the season was going to unfold — including Lady Whistledown’s identity.

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5 Shining In Teal

In season 1’s finale, Queen Charlotte showed up at the Hastings Ball in a stunning teal petticoat over a studded maroon gown. The gold lace on her sleeves and golden bracelets over her gloves pulled the whole look together.

In this episode, Daphne and Simon had to put on fake smiles for a ball to celebrate their union. But when the rain ruined their outdoor affair, the only people unbothered were Daphne and Simon, who loved the interruption. Embracing the chaos was one of Daphne’s more redeeming qualities. All the while, Queen Charlotte looked on in bewilderment at the couple while looking remarkable.

4 Blue On Blue

In the episode ‘Off To The Races,’ Queen Charlotte gave Lady Danbury and the Sharmas a tour around her grounds. In doing so she wore a beautiful powdered blue gown that matched her wig. Everything from the pearls draped in her hair to her dangling earrings was perfection. 

In fact, as gorgeous as Charlotte looked in pink and peach, this dress and wig combination proves that powdered blue was Charlotte’s color.

3 Dressed To Impress For The Big Day

With Simon being a Duke and the queen having the highest rank and title, Charlotte attended Simon and Daphne’s wedding in style. Wearing a cream-colored gown with pearls around her neck, the real crowd-pleaser was her tiara. It was sky-high, filled with diamonds, and embellished with a red ribbon in her hair.

Even though it was Daphne and Simon’s big day, the only thing Queen Charlotte was focused on was finding out who Lady Whistledown was with Eloise Bridgerton’s assistance.

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2 This Season’s Diamond Goes To Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte had some of the best outfits in Bridgerton, and this pristine look is high on the list.

At the start of season 2, Queen Charlotte wore all white and gold to stay on theme with the potential Diamonds of that season. While sitting on her thrown, she watched as the young ladies of the ton introduced themselves, ready to find a mate for that season. While all eyes should have been on the Diamonds, Queen Charlotte stole the show — especially with her elaborate wig.

1 Lavender For Edwina & Anthony’s Nuptials

Although Kate Sharma had some of the best quotes throughout Brdigerton, season 2 was all about Edwina’s wedding day in ‘The Choice.’

With the big day being on the queen’s grounds, she was irate that the wedding was canceled. She saw it as insulting and rude to turn down a wedding that was held at the queen’s residence, by the queen. For the special day, she wore a lavender and white gown, accompanied by lace, jewels, and a legendary wig.

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