May 18, 2022
DC Characters Settle R-Rated Debate About The Justice League
After years of fans asking the same question, DC Comics finally admits which famous Justice League member would be the best one-night stand.

Warning: contains spoilers for Task Force Z #7!

Which super-powered member of the Justice League would make the best one-night stand? The 2022 book Task Force Z #7 has an answer in the form of an informal debate between two scientists, both of which list superheroes they each believe would be ideal. Classic characters like Aquaman, Green Arrow and even the winged Hawkman are brought up, but in the end, the debate settles on a clear winner: the Flash.

Most of the members of the Justice League have active dating lives, but some have settled down with a partner, usually introduced during the Golden or Silver Age of Comics. While certain heroes like Superman are happily married and have been for several decades, others can’t seem to find a steady love interest at all. Batman, for one, has had many romantic partners over the years but none have lasted as long as Lois Lane and Superman, or Iris West and Barry Allen (except if one counts Catwoman). Green Arrow is frequently paired with Black Canary (and the two even have children together in an alternate universe).

In Task Force Z #7, written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Jack Herbert & Daniel HDR, twin doctors Amelia and Delia Shelley (perhaps named in honor of Mary Shelley of Frankenstein fame) are working on a batch of Lazarus resin. The two are engaging in a debate as to exactly which Justice League member would make for the best one-night stand. They venture Green Arrow (“Annoying”), Aquaman (“Bet he smells weird”) and Hawkman, but Delia is sticking with her first choice. “I want to see if he’s always that fast,” she says, here most likely referring to Wally West as the Flash.

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It’s quite easy for the doctors to dismiss Green Arrow based on his incessant use of puns and jokes during fighting, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man. Unfortunately for Delia, her choice of Wally West is married to his wife Linda Park and has two kids, Jai and Iris (and Wally has even helped his daughter become a superhero in her own right). Although Wally is younger and slightly less mature than his predecessor Barry Allen, he would most likely not even consider cheating on his partner.

In a medium that often pits hero against hero in various “who would win” scenarios, it is refreshing if rather crass to see members of the Justice League in another ‘contest’ of sorts altogether, albeit one that is only hypothetical. The Task Force Z books are not always graced by the presence of A-list heroes like Aquaman and the Flash every issue, so the doctors resort to talking about them instead. Out of a handful of Justice League members, the Flash is the ideal superhero for a one-night stand.

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