May 18, 2022
Dragon Age 4: 10 Questions The Game Needs To Answer
The upcoming and highly-anticipated Dragon Age 4 will need to answer several questions that fans have had for the last eight years.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was a franchise-high for BioWare’s crown jewel, setting up an exciting conflict for the inevitable sequel. Eight years after its release, fans are still waiting on Dragon Age 4, and although the game is actively in development, there’s no clear release date.

The years between Inquisition and Dragon Age 4 have given fans plenty of time to ponder where the franchise is heading. Indeed, players have multiple questions about Thedas’ state post-Inquisition, and Dragon Age 4 needs to provide clear answers, especially because a potential Dragon Age 5 is years, if not decades, away.

Are Tevinter And The Qun Still At War?

The epilogue for Trespasser states that the Qun retreated to Par Vollen once the Inquisitor neutralized the Qunari threat at Halamshiral. However, within months, the Qunari were already at war with the Imperium again, with the epilogue stating that many feared the conflict would spread across Thedas.

Fans now wonder if Dragon Age 4 will feature the war between the Qun and Tevinter like Inquisition did with the Mage-Templar conflict. A significant portion of Dragon Age 4 will occur in Tevinter, meaning the game can include the war in the game’s main plot, thus immersing the players into yet another bloody confrontation.

What’s The Mages’ Situation?

Mages are a crucial part of Thedas. Indeed, some of the best companions in Dragon Age are mages, from the sharp Morrigan to the sarcastic Dorian. Mages have a hard time throughout the saga, culminating in their war against the Templars following the events of Dragon Age II.

Inquisition ends with the mages forming the College of Enchanters. Depending on the players’ choices, Vivienne can either become Divine or the head of a new Circle of Magi. Both organizations are apparently civil to each other, but their relationship is tense. Dragon Age 4 will need to address these two groups’ situations and how they plan to deal with Fen’Hael.

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What’s The Wardens’ Situation?

At the end of Here Lies the Abyss — one of the hardest main quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition — players can either incorporate the Orlesian Wardens into the Inquisition or vanish them from Orlais, sending them back to the fortress of Weishaupt.

This choice will have major repercussions on the future of Thedas, especially when the next Blight hits. Considering the choice is up to the players, Dragon Age 4 might not provide a straight answer to where the Wardens are. However, the game will still need to address their situation, whether or not they’re part of the main plot.

Where Is The Hero Of Ferelden?

The Hero of Ferelden, also known as the Warden, is the protagonist of Dragon Age: Origins. Their actions effectively shape Thedas, and their shadow looms large over the next two games; however, the Warden doesn’t appear physically, although they constantly pop up in conversations.

Inquisition offered a War Table mission to locate the Hero, receiving a letter in return. The Hero’s letter indicates they’re on a quest to end the Calling and will offer some insight into their relationship with either Alistair, Leliana, or Morrigan. Dragon Age 4 probably won’t feature the Warden in person, but they’ll still need to provide an update on their whereabouts, especially if they succeeded in curing the Calling.

What Role Will The Inquisitor Play?

Unlike the Hero, the Inquisitor will most likely play a crucial role in Dragon Age 4. However, the nature of their part is still a mystery. Inquisition ends with the Inquisitor planning to head to Tevinter as part of their efforts to either stop or save Solas. With Dragon Age 4 taking place in Tevinter, the protagonist and the Inquisitor’s paths will surely cross.

Many rumors and theories about Dragon Age 4 exist, including some that suggest the new protagonist will be under the Inquisitor’s employment. The Inquisitor could also die, much like Hawke can potentially perish in the Fade during Here Lies the Abyss; this is a BioWare game, after all.

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Will The Hero And The Inquisitor Meet?

If the Hero does show up in Dragon Age 4, will they meet the Inquisitor? It would be a crossover that long-time fans would love and a way to tie all of the series’ lingering storylines.

There are multiple ways Dragon Age 4 could include this meeting. If the Inquisitor drank from the Well of Sorrows and the Warden performed Morrigan’s ritual, the two could join forces to stop Fen’Harel’s potential influence on both the Inquisitor and Kieran. Otherwise, the Inquisitor could recruit the Hero and Hawke (if they’re still alive) in their efforts against Solas.

Will The Titans Come Back?

The Titans, also known as the Pillars of the Earth, are ancient beings that supposedly shaped Thedas. They consider dwarves their “children,” and lyrium comes from their blood. Titans play a crucial role in the Descent DLC, where the Inquisitor learns about them. The Trespasser DLC also reveals that Mythal struck down the Titans and gave the land to the elves, cementing their ancient rivalry.

With Fen’Harel attempting to restore the elven world of yore, will the Titans come back to stand in his way? Is it even possible for them to do it? The Descent DLC provided more questions than answers, so Dragon Age 4 might be a good way to expand on the Titans’ lore.

Will Thedas’ Elves Openly Rebel?

Elves have a difficult situation in Thedas. Most of them are apostates living as nomads and worshiping the ancient gods, although some agreed to become Andrastian and worship the Maker. The mistreatment of elves meant they immediately answered Fen’Harel’s calling, abandoning their posts and disappearing after the events of Trespasser.

With Fen’Harel offering to restore the elven glory of old, will the elves join his war and openly rebel against Thedas? Fen’Harel might not want more bloodshed, but some elves might prefer it to the alternative of going back to servitude in case Solas’ plan fails. Dragon Age 4 might not feature their war, but it could hint at potential future conflict.

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Is There A Canon State?

Dragon Age is one of the best story-driven games in recent memory. As a classic RPG, the players’ decisions shape the plot and pave the way for future entries in the series. As such, there’s no canon choice in terms of romance or story, making things unique with each new entry.

However, Inquisition featured several options that could drastically change the future of Thedas, including the potential vanishment of the Wardens and the choice to side with either the mages or templars. Will Dragon Age 4 canonize any of these choices? Should it? The Divine election will also have serious repercussions for the future, so that might be another choice that the game might need to canonize.

Will Solas Succeed?

Solas is an incredible figure in the Dragon Age world. One of the best friend-turned-enemy characters in video games, Solas is enigmatic and absurdly powerful, qualities that make him all the more impressive. As the old elven god Fen’Harel, Solas plans to tear down the Veil he himself created when he imprisoned the Evanuris, thus restoring the ancient world where elves were immortal and helmed considerable magical power.

Depending on the Inquisitor’s relationship with Solas or not, Inquisition‘s epilogue has them declaring they’ll either stop or redeem him. Solas will most likely serve as Dragon Age 4‘s primary antagonist, but will the plot focus on stopping him, or will he act as a shadow pulling the strings and setting the stage for a potential Dragon Age 5?

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