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Giving your cat medicine is not a battle. When most cat owners think of giving medication, they imagine chasing their cat around the house, getting bitten or

  • Not a substitute for professional veterinary help.

Giving your cat medicine is not a battle. When most cat owners think of giving medication, they imagine chasing their cat around the house, getting bitten or scratched, and damaging their relationship with their beloved pet. But it doesn’t have to be!

Cats are unique and it’s completely normal for them to hide, refuse to eat, or be unusually aggressive when they’re not feeling well. Because of these natural behaviors, cats will need your help with medication.

Your veterinarian can help you decide if your cat’s medication can be safely crushed to make it easier for them to give and if there are alternative versions of the medication such as liquid or tincture ear gels. penetrate the skin or not. If a pill is the best option, don’t despair!

You can safely give your cat medication without damaging the precious bond between you and your cat. Some cats will take a pill hidden in delicious food, Medicine bagor a fascinating “treatment maze”. When giving the pill by hand, use a towel and even a handy tool like tablets can make it a safe, comfortable experience.

Let me show you how!

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Familiarize yourself with the drug and how to use it

Talk to your veterinarian about whether medications are still effective if they are crushed, broken down into smaller portions, or dissolved in food or liquid. Also, be sure to ask about expected side effects and whether the medicine needs to be given with food or water. Some pills taste bitter when crushed or become ineffective when split. And if you suspect that your cat won’t take the medication easily, ask if there are other forms of medication that can be prescribed, such as injections.

Luckily for cat owners, there are some great alternative methods of giving cats medication. Many of these require a prescription through compound pharmacy (a pharmacy capable of mixing medications) is familiar with pet medications. Your veterinarian may prescribe medication for your cat in one of the following forms:

  • Liquid
  • Flour
  • Injections
  • Has a taste that can be chewed
  • Ear gel penetrates the skin (absorbed through the skin on your cat’s ears)

However, some medications cannot be made into alternative forms, and not everyone can go to a pharmacy that sells pet mixes. In that case, it’s time to learn how to give your cat medication.

Prepare the cat to take medicine

The two most common ways to give your cat medicine are to hide it in food or put the medicine directly into the cat’s mouth. If your cat gobbles up dinner and is tempted by treats, chances are they’ll take a pill hidden in delicious food. If the cat is in doubt about a change in diet, wrap it in a towel and plan to give it a drink.

Give a pill with food

For this technique, you can try hiding the pill in a portion of wet food, Medicine bagtreat your cat favorite or treat liquids such as Churu.

Cat is Can’t taste the sweetness so you can even ask your vet to add vanilla or cherry flavors to the mixed pills to mask the bitter taste of the pills.

You can also try some creamy foods and liquids, such as whipped cream, yogurt, baby food, pressed cheese, melted vanilla ice cream, tuna juice, or low-fat chicken broth. sodium. Always be aware of your pet’s specific food allergies before giving any food or junk food.

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Four ways to give medicine to cats who love to eat

  1. Mix the pill into the canned food and watch the cat swallow it.
  2. Hide the pill in a Medicine bag or other soft treatment and prepare 3-5 additional treatments. Give each dish one at a time, starting and ending with a drug-free dish. Hopefully your cats will be so busy enjoying delicious treats that they won’t even notice when they encounter a drug containing food!
  3. Create a “maze” on the plate with whipped cream or grated cheese. Draw lines and dots on the surface and hide the pill in the design. Your cat may be so intrigued by the recommendation that they consume the pill without realizing it.
  4. If you can safely dissolve the liquid tablet: Mix the crushed tablet with a small amount of low-sodium tuna or chicken broth for your cat to sit on.

Give medicine by mouth

If your cat is too smart to be fooled by hiding the pill in food or broth, you’ll need to give it a drink. If putting your finger between a cat’s sharp teeth sounds a bit risky, there’s a tool for it! ONE “tablets“Is a long plunger with a soft tip that can help you safely put the pill in your cat’s mouth.

The process of giving medication can feel strange to your cat at first. However, your calm demeanor and gentle handling will give your cat peace of mind when this new phenomenon occurs. Swaddling your cat is a cozy way to prepare your cat for medication. You will need to gather a soft towel, a box of pills or syringes and a confident attitude to get started.

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The method of wrapping a towel

Wrap towel is a great way to relieve stress while treating your cat.

  1. Place a large towel on the table and place the cat in the center of the towel, facing away from you.
  2. Fold the towel over your cat’s back, one on each side, to create a “kitten burrito”.
  3. Place your arms on the table on either side of the cat and place your hands on their neck.
  4. Apply gentle pressure with your arm to keep the cat from squirming, and massage her neck or chin to keep her calm.

Most cats love being wrapped in a warm blanket, but some can feel trapped. If your cat is struggling too much, skip the towel and hold her firmly but gently on her lap (you can use a towel on your lap for this)!

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Five Steps to Manually Giving Medicine to Your Cat

  1. Place the cat in a swaddle or on your lap, facing away from you.
  2. Place one hand on top of the cat’s head, thumb on one side and fingers on the other. Tilt their head back and slowly insert your fingers into their mouth until their jaws open.
  3. Using your other side, do one of the following: Use your fingers put the pill on the back of their tongue; Put the pill in the pill box. Gently insert the pill into the back of your cat’s mouth and push the plunger to release the pill. Insert a syringe containing the tablet that has been dissolved in water right inside your cat’s cheek. Slowly push down on the pistons, making sure they swallow as you go to avoid inhaling liquid.
  4. Keep their mouth gently closed. Gently massage the cat’s neck until it swallows. Then, watch to make sure they don’t spit the pill or liquid out.
  5. Reward your cat with lots of love, praise, and treats. You both deserve it!

Congratulations, you have successfully taken medicine for your cat!

Giving your cat medication can be frustrating. Among them many peculiaritiesCats tend to be suspicious and very sensitive to new smells, tastes, and textures. This makes it hard for them to be fooled by dropping a pill in their dinner.

But by learning about cat medication from your veterinarian and using restraint, compassion, or creativity techniques to hide the medication in your cat’s food, you’ll be able to successfully give your cat medication while reducing Stress for both the cat and you.

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