May 18, 2022
Jack Harlow Learned Brandy and Ray J Are Siblings Today
Jack Harlow learned on-air on Hot 97 that musicians Brandy and Ray J are siblings, after he couldn’t identify Brandy’s song “Angel in Disguise.”

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Ye is a Jack Harlow fan. The rapper formerly known as Kanye West tapped Harlow for his debut event for Donda 2 earlier this year and went so far as calling Harlow one of the “top 5 out right now.” But Harlow hasn’t quite returned the favor and read up on the Book of Yeezus. If he did, Harlow would know a bit about Ray J, who’s intertwined with Ye thanks to their mutual ex, Kim Kardashian. Then, for instance, he’d be able to recognize the distinctive voice of Ray J’s famous sister, singer and actress Brandy. Instead, Harlow learned they were siblings live and in public, during an interview on Hot 97.

      <p data-editable="text" data-word-count="97">For the New York radio station’s “White Ish Wednesday,” hosts Ebro, Laura Stylez, and Rosenberg quizzed White Boy of the Moment Harlow on his musical knowledge. When they played Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise,” he was clearly struggling. “Aaliyah?” he blurted out, looking puzzled. The hosts resorted to giving him hints, with Rosenberg and Ebro telling Harlow the singer’s brother had a sex tape that made people famous. “Who’s Ray J’s sister?” Harlow asked. The hosts got a laugh out of it, with Ebro marveling, “That’s amazing.” “Y’all got a good clip on that one,” Harlow joked, red-faced.</p>
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