May 16, 2022
Joe Jonas posted a hilarious TikTok poking fun at his and the other Jonas Brothers' purity rings. Watch it here.

Ah, the Jonas Brothers purity-ring phase. Gone but never forgotten — least of all by Joe Jonas. In a hilarious TikTok posted Wednesday (May 11), the 32-year-old pop-rocker jokingly reminisced on what it was like for him and his brothers to wear their famous accessories back in the 2000s, and more specifically, how curious everyone seemed to be about whether or not they were actually staying true to the rings’ implication that the wearer is waiting until marriage to have sex.


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Duetting a satirical TikTok in which a group of friends stare directly into the camera and ask the viewer if they’re a virgin, the DNCE frontman shared an old photo of the JoBros as smiling teenagers. “Me and my brothers literally doing anything in our teen years,” he wrote, “prompting” the people in the original video to peer over their glasses and accusingly ask, “Are you a virgin?!”

At the end of the video, present-day Joe pops up and looks into the camera with a knowing grin.

The purity rings worn by Joe and his brothers Nick and Kevin used to be a big topic of discussion, awe and mockery (see Russell Brand’s commentary about them while hosting the 2008 VMAs) when they first came to light, and then again when all three brothers ditched their rings sometime before their band temporarily broke up in 2013. And while the guys can laugh about it now, they have spoken about how uncomfortable they used to feel when interviewers asked them invasive questions about their sex lives when they were still just teenagers.

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“The funny thing is, we were never gonna talk about it,” Joe once explained to James Corden during a 2019 episode of Carpool Karaoke. “Of course, you have three young boys wearing rings on their fingers, and everyone is like, ‘Are they married already?’ We were in an interview one day and the guy asked about them, and we said we didn’t wanna talk about them. And he said, ‘Well, I’m just gonna say you’re in a cult.’”

“The next thing you know, it was the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings,” he continued. “We decided at one point, look, this is not who we are … this is annoying, people are making fun of it anyway, we can make fun of it ourselves.”

See Joe’s hilarious purity ring throwback below:

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